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What should take care to prepare for the launch (successful) blog

What should take care to prepare for the launch (successful) blog 

The last few years were a period of rapid development of Internet, daily updated with new online resources, and this surprising phenomenon is a cause for curiosity and speculation about the timing of the slowdown in growth. Just count the number of annually produced Web sites is practically impossible, however, according to the publishing site Mashable , every day there are 150,000 users of new URL-addresses. Google in 2008 counted more than 1 trillion of registered sites - absolutely incredible figure, just for comparison - in 1992 there was not even 15 000 URL-addresses.

The boom occurred in the current Five-Year Plan, and all thanks to a new "star" of online genre - blogging. Initially, blogs wound up out of boredom or to publicly vent their emotions, but today there was not a topic that can not be developed for at least a dozen bloggers. I am afraid that from the vigilant eye of the collective blogosphere is not escape, no news.

A huge number of existing blogs and the ease with which they Acquires, cause people to mistakenly think that a blogger can be anyone, and that it is likely a year or two websites of these same people will bring them profits, calculated in the amounts of many zeros. In reality, however, create a blog, maintain it and to extract profits from it is not so easy, without a solid knowledge base going. Weight attempts blogovodov amateur, pay for a couple of months to break out in a "star" did not meet their expectations, only a few succeeded, and even fewer among them - to make your blog profitable.

What should take care to prepare for the launch (successful) blog

Statistics on traffic volume of the most visited Web sites vary, but all the sources together indicate their limited number, of course, blogging - something more than a pass through the notes and the publication of WordPress, to run it, you should really try. Production of any article preceded the adoption of important decisions, many bloggers neglect this preliminary stage, and their results are not happy in the end. Our publication is considered a comprehensive approach to the preparation of starting a blog, every aspect of it is explained in detail so you are not tired of reading, and the material was given to you easier and more logical to look.

Nothing in the world is not perfect, including ours, and paper, so we gratefully accept any corrections and comments - the more comments, more interesting to read.

A. Choosing a theme + + domain of the target audience

Choosing a theme + + domain of the target audience

Declare the launch of the blog tomorrow - is simple enough, in practice, it promises you this amount of work that you are unlikely to have encountered before. First of all newly blogger should very clearly define for itself a theme / topic of your blog.This is a key decision on his future depends on his blog and his circle of readers. Some prefer the common issues, and can not be called a false step, however, they should consider the fact that the broader theme, the more it developed a much more experienced bloggers, that is, the novice will have to attract visitors with fresh and original findings, and thus and its load is greater than that of colleagues, deliberately suzivshih activity.

It is equally wrong to make a choice in favor of a topic, guided only by her appeal to Internet users, a blogger should be perfectly oriented in what he says, because what he experienced in his business, the more likely he will be able to provide your blog traffic. No one will take the time to read boring or useless.

Themes revealed through his blog domain name to help people understand if they interest the resource; meaningless name that has nothing to do with the subject, to whom he is devoted, is unlikely to attract anyone. Choosing the best option domain - the problem is very complicated, this issue can devote an entire book, is the main recommendations are:
Domain name should reflect the theme of the blog;
It should not be too long;
It should be easy to remember.
New blogs are created as an information and entertainment resource, however, the interests and needs of network users are so different that it is better to choose a certain group of people as an audience and write directly to her. Thus blogs "acquire" their own communities - reliable sources of constant traffic. The conclusion is clear: Getting to the publication of the first notes, be sure to draw a portrait of the collective mind of your readers continue to write for him, not for himself or for search engines.

Two. Choosing a reliable web hosting service provider
No more painful blisters for a blogger than a hosting provider, which reduces to nothing of his success in attracting visitors.Solve the problem of hosting should not be too difficult, because different options are offered, and in a highly competitive market to survive only the best providers. The cost of their services is also important, although these costs are not too large, to meet your needs rate from a reliable company - in this case the best solution.

Three. A careful study of the capabilities of potential competitors
Bloggers are living in a state of rivalry with each other, they would be quite handy rule, formulated in ancient times, Sun Tzu - "to defeat the enemy, you must know him well." A blogger, a novice, really striving to become a "web star" and earn blogging, should be aware of all their competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, but do not stoop to outright hostility, no matter how severe their competition was. Opponent - does not mean the hated adversary, which allowed to achieve diminish, take a cue from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates), has long supported the relationship.

Detailed study of the possibility of your competitors, you get a significant advantage can easily and objectively evaluate the quality of the notes, the specifics of their construction and the "shock" the nuances of each, without which it is difficult to give out to the surface something original or at least in part, new to the blogosphere. Discussions with fellow bloggers are also mutually enrich your rewarding experience: at least one bright idea comes in any mind, so that, exchanging ideas, you bring more value to readers, ask them to demand higher quality and materials. Having made friends with the same publishers or authors of blogs, you may hover over the bridges to the future co-operation or promotion of publications on the basis of mutual benefit.

4. Making a blog - Try to be the best
Even though the visitor interested in your content, its design, it is still very important, because it is thanks to him, casual users can draw attention to the page. The attraction of external design plays a role, but the functionality and usability of the resource are more important. A page that is easy to get lost, which can not be read, surely scare away any reader, and its creator eventually will break. Structural basis of the site can get in three ways, each of which has its "pros" and "cons".
* Buy a theme in any online store and adapt it, it is very advantageous purchase, allowing you to just save time, however, is likely to have other ready web sites based on it is very high, which means that you have exclusivity not be able to boast of.
* Mark up a website yourself, but for this blogger should be dealt with HTML and CSS. Homemade blog - a free option, the time required depends on your diligence and other costs is not there.
* Hire a capable and willing to work a designer - a solution that guarantees you the original design, but burdensome obligations you pay the fee.
In the end, whatever way you did not, you will encounter with the good side of this option, and the bad, but really it is solely the quality of the final product.

Five. Integration of the SEO-optimization - hire an expert SEO techniques or try to help themselves, but do not let it take its course!
The success of any blog is directly dependent on its attendance - the more people the better. Leading blogs, in fact, offer readers high-quality material and useful tips, and yet, there is a trick to help you: "friendships" with search engines. Blog, which favored search engine spiders, always will be displayed on the front lines of the search results, that is, get more chances to attract visitors. Any blogger who is responsible to the appropriate case, the factor takes into account the SEO (Search Engine Optimization - search engine optimization tools), sees in it the key to success, increase traffic and therefore revenue - so we got to the point: SEO is your money!

On the other hand, the complete subordination of the interests of your blog's SEO - an initiative alive instantly punishable by readers, and therefore, in vain.

6. Set the rules of your blog: the number of publications per week, their format, medium, style of delivery
Since then, the real work begins blogger - Preparation of material and analysis of the impact of these efforts. One of the main features of blogs - connectivity, its publication is usually fit into some common thematic framework, have a single structure, etc. The other notable feature of them - binding to a strict schedule, and if you think it is best to publish notes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays , then stick to this schedule, do not break it, otherwise you'll pay for the inconsistency, the visitors you will not forgive her.

I advise you prior to publication of the first note, stock up on good stuff, is unknown because what would happen if you suddenly have to be away for several days. WordPress allows you to plan in advance the output of articles, setting the priority, so that you can go by yourself, anywhere, and the blog will function as a clock. The exact formula is not derived, but from my own experience, complement the findings from interviews with other bloggers, I can say that it is best to have ready the week's worth of notes, in other words, today you are writing an article that will be released next week.

If you post notes on schedule and hold in reserve enough of them, following the example of many bloggers - well, just do not forget about the more important aspect, that visitors are running for you, not sensing the fresh article, and for their favorite traditional quality materials. It's time to give you another valuable piece of advice: like the developers that keep separate files for "resettlement" web site, so-called table of CSS-style exterior design (CSS external sheet), a blogger is to assemble a complete package of pieces, including everything you need for writing . It is important to maintain the style of publications, some of it is, of course, may not like it, but people willing to take your style of presentation, there will be a 100% probability.Do not get me wrong - a clear layout with strict boundaries does not preclude artistic delights, just need to make you look professional.

7. The choice of visual and reflect the real situation of control parameters in accordance with the strategy marketigovoy
Some bloggers - are optimists by nature - there will always be pleased with their success, while others will remain in constant irritation due to lack of traffic, and some have even said that "Civilization is flying to hell." To make a sober assessment of prospects for the development of his blog, intelligent man set himself some achievable "bar" and is planned to overcome them.Actually, they should fit into the overall marketing strategy, which is unthinkable without conducting any blog (some people, myself included, tend to use a very loud phrases - is unthinkable, it is vitally important, very significant - sometimes they seem somewhat exaggerate situation, but in this case the "unthinkable" to be understood literally). I want to believe that the quality factor is unequivocally the most important, but as they gain experience, I can see how even he concedes the importance of literacy in the marketing. What do you think: is more important than a successful marketing strategy, or the quality of your notes?

In any case, to verify the importance of marketing and branding, you need to select at random and read a few notes of the leading bloggers. The conclusion is simple: before you start a blog on the attendance and whose authority as a source of information in the blogosphere you expect, you definitely need to develop a clear marketing strategy. It should include achievable goals and deadlines, the course of its implementation should be strictly controlled, and the key to success should be the desire for change for the better.

Eight. Notification about the launch of blogs, create Facebook-page and section of public opinion
Notification about the launch of blogs, create Facebook-page and section of public opinion

Days before the publication of a note, usually melt before our eyes, and your arousal increases. Another necessary step - the creation accounts in the services Twitter and Facebook, social networks are a great power, and neglect of a blogger is almost sinful.

Your professionalism subtly emphasize individualized design of these accounts, original and interesting than they look, the better. Facebook-Page now has all and all, they've become boring, but the unusual page easier to please the public.Adaptation of the Twitter-page is, in fact, in the background add a catchy and interesting story about yourself, the Internet is full of great examples of skilled graphic embodiment of the brave pans, learn from their authors, and create for themselves something special. However, abandoned, carelessly contained accounts will not help any adaptation.

Facebook and Twitter - not all social networks, although they are the most important and effective in attracting large volumes of traffic, so do not limit yourself to using only the most popular.

Do not be afraid, promote your page, and step by step, you are "colonized" his own community, the first members of which will be your closest friends, even in the pages of Justin Bieber and Britney Spears (Justin Bieber, Britney Spears) At first there was not a "husky".

9. Publish the first note, just think twice if your firm intention to
I look forward to accusations of unreasonable stretch of the list, ready to apologize to those who thinks so, but once again stress the difference between fun and business. Blog for himself and his friends - is one thing; blog for a living, developed by hard work and consistent application of effort - something quite different. Personally, I advise you not to depart from the decision to start a blog, but do not expect miracles in the form of instantly opening livelihood opportunities. I just started my blog, and all my friends were asking me about profit, but when I explained to them that the first hundred dollars will go to my account no earlier than a few months later, they said that I mayus foolishness.

That's what we are, and I hope you understand me.

10. Be prepared for shaft work and hard times
Another "fly in the ointment" - blogging takes a lot of time, and only a few manage to maintain a reasonable balance between personal life and work (not me!). Family, relatives and close friends will have to explain what your blog - not childish fondness, because of which you had to sit at the computer, neglected house. Maintaining a solid blog - it is very time consuming, as the erection of walls, when you invest your money, time and effort in calculating the profit, it is clear that fair means big money in the blink of an eye is not earned.

Complete, though, I want a more optimistic note, and leave you hungry try their hand at blogging, since bloggers are not born, and we all make mistakes. Leading bloggers - not always the "stars" or the outstanding design geeks, they just work hard, even though initially modest returns. Take their example and do not look back!

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