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10 beautiful jQuery plugins

In today's post I have collected ten, my favorite, plug-ins for jQuery and CSS3 . In the collection includes galleries, preview images, beautiful forms of feedback, modal windows, and a variety of visual effects.

.02 Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview

Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview

Demo | Download

.03 Photoflip Slideshow Effect with jQuery

Photoflip Slideshow Effect with jQuery

Demo | Download

.04 Effect Shuffle Letters

Effect Shuffle Letters

Demo | Download

.05 Item Blur Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

Item Blur Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

Demo | Download

.07 Shiny Control Knob with CSS3 and jQuery

Shiny Control Knob with CSS3 and jQuery

Demo | Download

.08 Making a jQuery Countdown Timer

Making a jQuery Countdown Timer

Demo | Download

.09 Create a Unique Contact Form with CSS3 Transitions

Create a Unique Contact Form with CSS3 Transitions

Demo | Download

.10 Vintage Typewriter: The Sexiest Ever JQuery Contact Form

Vintage Typewriter: The Sexiest Ever JQuery Contact Form

Demo | Download

.01 Proximity Effect Thumbnail with CSS3 and jQuery

Proximity Effect Thumbnail with CSS3 and jQuery

Demo | Download

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how to make stylish gallery of images?
by Muhammad Asif in ,

In this collection, I collected CSS3 manual for creating a dynamic block, Related Posts, stacks of folded sheets of paper triangles, button icons, corner tape and bokeh effect.It is also interesting to learn how to draw stylish gallery of images, to the effect of changing the page, animated menus and content slider. A very interesting dynamic effect colored text, and animated polaroid slider to check the price reacts to a button with the mouse. Finally laid up a vertical accordion and dynamic design of the quote.

A. Dynamic Block Related Posts

Dynamic Block Related Posts

Two. Composed of a stack of sheets of paper

Composed of a stack of sheets of paper

Three. Triangles


4. Making pictures

Making pictures

Five. Buttons with icons

Buttons with icons

6. The effect of changing the page

The effect of changing the page

7. Corner Tape

Corner Tape

Eight. Animated menus

Animated menus

9. Content Slider

Content Slider

10. Bokeh effect

Bokeh effect

11. Tooltips


12. Colorful Text

 Colorful Text

13. An animated menu buttons

An animated menu buttons

14. Animated bullets download

Animated bullets download

15. Dynamic Polaroid slide

Dynamic Polaroid slide

16. Icon Calendar

Icon Calendar

17. Color Index rating

Color Index rating

18. Animated with a price check

Animated with a price check

19. Vertical accordion

Vertical accordion

20. Making quote

Making quote

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Features of digital products, or what to do with copyright
by Muhammad Asif in ,

digital products, or what to do with copyright
In recent debates about copyright law, not only do not cease, but also becoming more violent form, ruthlessly separating all parties to the dispute valued supporters and opponents. As always, the truth is somewhere nearby, but the modern reality is that today we are witnessing are written rules of engagement of those who should protect copyright and those who own, consume foods that fall under the jurisdiction of the copyright. In any case, thinking about it, I always try to avoid extremely reactionary assessments to take into account the interests of either party.

The contradiction of copyright
for me to clearly understand that the old system of copyright protection today is not doing its job. The development of technology and civilization offers new rules, which the old law still does not match. Personally, I thought about it a few years ago there was YouTube, which any user could download a video clip, filmed on his mobile phone. And then I thought, and who and how will moderate these millions of users.

The only adequate answer that comes to mind is the users themselves have to be so highly organized in order to thwart any attempts by the violation of the law. As a variant with a comparable number of guards is not clear. It turns out that people should be at the subconscious level to realize that using someone else's things without paying money at the same time, it's bad.

It seems to be all right. But I see here a lot of nuances that are unanswered. How to be so, for example, bought the film might not like it. Indeed, in the stores we are able to return the unwanted item. And there is no such possibility. Or how about the videos the user, the frame is hit music video from the TV. There is a breach or not?

Theater of the absurd in action
generally, the law should be protected all the actors associated with copyright. As rights holders and consumers. I was really afraid of that, theoretically, most Internet users may be outside the law. But this just does not happen. If 90 percent of users are breaking the law, it may not work in humans, and in the law? I think that's why not too long ago there were massive protests against the laws under the auspices of the Sopa.

Recently, I learned a fact which shocked me deeply. It turns copyright protected by an organic life form, namely, soybean seeds, which are derived in chemical laboratories. And long-suffering American farmers sow their fields do not belong to them with seeds, because others already in the ecosystem does not exist. Well, if not absurd. Would not that someday we will grow in the garden of apples, for the use of which we shall have to pay the right holder.

Features of digital product
main difference between digital product from the product in its classic sense - it is easy to replicate. If you had to copy required to have at least some physical medium - records, video cassettes, CD-ROM. Now may make up any Internet user by pressing Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. So, it is practically not subject to control.

But it turns out that if the cost of copies of the digital product tends to zero, for which, in this case the consumer to pay for the air or what? Certainly, there comes into play is another component that regulates pricing of digital products. This component is inextricably linked with the desire or unwillingness to give the consumer some money from her purse for the proposed product.

Second, you need to transfer money on the internet were carried out in a few mouse clicks. After all, if in order to make the payment must first seek out details, then look for ways to pay, the more likely it is simply no one will do. I myself undertook a couple of tries, but ultimately spat, and the singer is not got a penny.

And thirdly, the digital product is yet to be an adequate price. I believe that this strongly inhibits the company Adobe, which for some unknown reason does not reduce the price of their goods. In the past, yes, a graphical software was purchased in the main studios. And now Photoshop has long been a popular product. Sometime after, and mobile phones cost the order of six hundred dollars a month, but the conjuncture is changed, and now the prices are more than democratic.

Global trends and solutions
in general, on the basis of the above, I can see certain trends in the development of the situation with copyright. First, it is the convergence of the consumer and one owner.People are more willing to pay directly to the author, and not the army of intermediaries who are interested in profit. I know that there are already some services, built on the principle of Laikov (Like), allow to deduct a certain amount directly to the right holder.

Second, there is a trend to lower prices by increasing the quality of products. For example the recent wordpress templates are much cheaper, but the functionality has increased significantly. The same trend is observed in the market and stock images. But its revenue authors provide a constant production of new and new products.

Finally, there is still such a thing as reputation and self-esteem. When it is just unnatural to use pirated copies, or cracked software. I know that this phrase for the most part will cause the denial, saying everything is wrong. But we are talking about the trend, as he is, that more and more people realize that today many earn Intrenet.

And it's okay to pay for a product that pleases and benefits. And thus directly support the manufacturer, for whom this is the main source of livelihood. Of course, piracy, and freebies will exist. But basically, these two streams is absolutely no overlap. It's just that everyone has their own audience.

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Stylish User interface elements from the dribbble
by Muhammad Asif in

Style elements in the design of user interfaces
Thus, the most stylish elements in the design of the interface seen by me. The parade opens the admin panel is really impressive in the classic combination of gray and colored lead active elements. Just some kind of aesthetic pleasure. Further, the light gray of gamma-style Yutuba for the next interface. Then a cute design profile in light blue and coffee color. But such a form for entering user name and password I had for the first time I've seen. Cool. Though the classic style of these units did not play. But the red corner flags, of course, are my pets.

A. Navigation Dashboard

Navigation Dashboard

Two. Clean Dropdown

Clean Dropdown

Three. The Clock Is Ticking

The Clock Is Ticking

4. Community Profile

Community Profile

Five. Coffee Colors

Coffee Colors

6. Login


7. Clean Login Form

Clean Login Form

Eight. Update Font Settings Palette

Update Font Settings Palette

9. Life On Campus Sidebar Nav

Life On Campus Sidebar Nav

10. Dark Interface

Dark Interface

11. Progress


12. Vetragen


13. Sparkline


14. Color Picker

Color Picker

15. Timer 2

Timer 2

16. Level Up

Level Up

17. Crop Tool

Crop Tool

18. Online Game For Iphone

Online Game For Iphone

19. Ideas Ipad App

Ideas Ipad App

20. Trip2gether Calendar

Trip2gether Calendar

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