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Wedding Cake designs

    Wedding Cake

ideas to decorate cupcakes for a wedding
ideas to decorate cupcakes for a wedding
ideas to decorate cupcakes for a wedding
Most of us would agree half the beauty of cupcake yumminess is in the ‘look’. We all ‘eat with our eyes’ and a devilishly good-looking cupcake is something that is sure to get the tastebuds tingling so that’s half the battle for avid cupcake-bakers. Of course you don’t want any cupcake that looks incredible to be let down by the taste but once you’ve perfected the art of cupcake baking you need to perfect the art of decorating each little beauty. Treat each one like a work of art and follow our 5 top cupcake decorating tips to ensure your cupcakes have your friends and family simply drooling with delight!
1. Icing consistency Not too runny and not too thick! You don’t want people to have to ‘slurp’ the icing as it dribbles down the side of the case. Nor do you want them to run the risk of chip a tooth! So always whip your icing for as long as you can until it is light fluffy and yet stiff enough to ‘stand’ on it’s own.
2. Icing proportion Too much icing makes for a sickly sweet treat so always ensure you don’t overkill the cake. If it’s the traditional ‘peaked’ cupcake look you’re after then prefer for a measure of icing per cake that amounts to 50% of the sponge height. However more often than not this is a little overwhelming for many cupcake fans so a single layer of icing piped into place that is about one third of the sponge height is more than sufficient.
3. Icing flavour Keep icing flavours simple. Vanilla Chocolate and Lemon are firm favourites but ne’er introduce a completely alien flavour into an icing that bears no relationship to the sponge. It power sound unadventurous but it makes for entirely complementary and unoffensive cupcakes!
4. Icing colour Quite simply go for any colour you wish! Food colouring is available in almost every colour under the sun so keep the colours in keeping with any party theme or colour scheme and the cupcake will be a delight!
5. Sprinkles Sprinkle to your hearts delight!
Serve and enjoy!
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ideas to decorate cupcakes for a wedding
ideas to decorate cupcakes for a wedding

ideas to decorate cupcakes for a wedding

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  1. cupcakes for wedding! perfect idea!
    I'm very happy I found this blog as I needed something simple and small for my wedding (we're leaving right away but need to share something sweet with our families)
    thank you so much on commenting my blog post! it means a lot to me.


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