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Useful Sites for Web Designers

The designer is always looking for creative - a thirst for new ideas, interest in the latest innovations, and, of course, the urge to learn something new, try their hand. Surely you will agree with me that everything else creative individuals distinguishes one quality - constant work on yourself and the belief that "learning is never too late." Today in the era of global change, this postulate is relevant as ever - almost every day in the open design something new, to keep pace with the times. We hope to stay on the crest of a wave, learn, improve and inspire you to help our selection of the best sites for web designers. Perhaps some of the sites you already know. In addition to useful articles, tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator, inspiring collections of photos and illustrations, many sites are an extensive collection of sources, brushes, action games, vector and icons available for free download.
Tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator and not only

PSD Vault - a resource, which shows a truly unique lessons, as well as free tools, as well as interesting articles.
PSD Vault

Website Vector TutPlus Excellent selection of tutorials of varying complexity, but still very useful article.

Vector TutPlus

Web Design Library - this library (the name speaks for itself) of the various resources and tools for web designers and, of course, in the presence of a great collection of tutorials.

Web Design Library

Vault tutorial - a site dedicated to the lessons for Photoshop and Illustrator, for every taste and color.

Vault tutorial

Tutorialing - Free tutorials for various computer programs.


INSTRUCT Design - a wonderful site, where various classes, as well as a very useful article.


Tutorial 9 - a site dedicated to Photoshop, the lessons from "a" to "I".

Tutorial 9

Tutorials Window - b olshoe variety of different lessons at different levels.

Tutorials Window

Designcrust - a good site with a good tutorial for Photoshop and typography.


Psdeluxe - lessons interesting and useful articles for each designer


Articles, effects, tools and tutorials on one site PhotoshopLady


Webdesignermag - a delightful resource with an excellent selection of lessons not only for Photoshop and Illustrator, and Flash, HTML, PHP and more.


Tutorials and source code (PSD files)

Undoubtedly the best and most famous site lessons for Photoshop. Surely PSD Tuts is known to everyone, but as they say, to "just fire" recall about this resource again.

PSD Tuts

Abduzeedo - an excellent site where you can learn many new things, be inspired and learn lessons. Also available free PSD files


365 PSD - an indispensable resource for working with Photoshop.

365 PSD

Tutorialing - Free tutorials for various computer programs.


Six Revision - a wonderful resource that not only offers free tools to download, but also detailed interesting lessons from the source.

Six Revision

Hongkiat - a useful resource with good lessons for Photoshop with PSD-sources. Also on the site will find a lot of interesting things to work and inspiration.


PSD-Dude - great lessons, which are often accompanied by free sources.


InDesign Tutorials-Studio - the lessons are well decorated for Illustrator and more.

InDesign Tutorials-Studio

Textuts - site dedicated to the creation of text effects in Photoshop. Many of the lessons are presented with the source

Lessons, icons, vectors, and helpful articles for designers and developers

Website Onextrapixel is not only the most recent lessons for Photoshop and Illustrator, but also useful materials for developers, as well as CSS, themes WordPress, and, of course, inspirational materials.


TutsPlus net - an excellent resource that not only offers a selection of different lessons, and interesting articles for designers and developers. Target audience - web developers.

TutsPlus net

Fudgegraphics - is not only a collection of tutorials, materials for inspiration, but also free brushes, vectors, and texture, which can be downloaded directly from the site.


Qualitative interesting tutorials, articles and interviews on the site ComputersArts .


Smashing Magazine - a popular site with lots of useful content - lessons, interviews, galleries, tutorials and tools.

Smashing Magazine

Noupe - a great blog with a mass of useful articles and lessons, tips and examples.


Gomediazine - a wonderful collection of tutorials, as well as free brushes, vectors and textures for download.


Design Modo - it's lessons, graphics, inspiration, as well as free tools.

Design Modo

Fascinating articles and lessons Sreative Nerds

 Sreative Nerds

10 Steps - user-friendly resource with a rich selection of various tutorials for Photoshop, as well as the ability to download free action games for Photoshop, vector and brushes.

10 Steps

YoutheDesigner - new original tutorials and free brushes and icons for download.


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