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Selection of appropriate content for your blog

Selection of appropriate content for your blog 
Select content for your blog

one of the fastest growing types of Web business. Countless blogs every day all come, and so aggravated and competition. The authors of the blogs are all kinds of people: among them are amateurs, but there are also professionals.Some blogs are at leisure, others in this way and try to earn "unwind."

Whatever inspires you to do blogging, you need to know and observe the "rules of the game." These rules can specify choice of name for your blog, the niche that you want to borrow, subject content, style, design, etc. The collection of all these aspects determine the qualitative characteristics of any blog. Improving performance in each of the individual, you increase the overall quality of life as much as publishing the new notes.

In our article focuses on the variety of notes on how to pick the topics and manner of delivery of materials to your blog.

The choice of topics for bloggers wide. There are personal, educational, reference, news coverage of blogs worldwide ...Professional bloggers have to stick to their thematic framework, while maintaining an established contact with the reader, boosting its popularity, taking care to have their content posted public inquiries, it was helpful. The perception of the blog people, their assessment of its importance depends on its content. Hundreds of bloggers write on the same topic, so your task - to find their own sound and strictly control the quality of your materials. Blogs are different from each other by their content, but a few kinds of content are particularly popular with the public, and making a bet on one of them, you might attract the attention of readers. Let's look at them.

The first five - the leaders in terms of popularity and reliability, but also the competition in this area is very high.

01. Tutorials / Instructions

In all parts of the world people are looking for answers on the Internet and useful advice. In blogs, benefits can be found almost note for everyone: for those wishing to lose weight for novice photographers, for studying foreign languages ​​for inquiring mathematicians, etc.

Note: Each blog has its own semantic reference rod, so that, having made a selection of benefits, they need to competently on him "strung", that is, to break your training blog on the inner section or sections. Stick to the framework defined by your own though. If your blog is devoted to development of a training Photoshop or another similar program, and write about various aspects of its application, do not post a note, even educational, to extraneous topics. Readers will be both more convenient and you can count on the navigation links.

Coefficient "bounces" - the transitions to other pages, barely open your - should be relatively low because the readers usually end up working on training materials for which are taken, and the low value of this indicator will please any blogger. In addition, people tend to return repeatedly to the mentors, who managed to teach them something, and one day you will not learn anything.

Educational blogs can rapidly gain popularity, but can just as quickly fade away. The competition is very tough. If your "school" in its theme is not the only sector, it focuses on innovation, your teaching methods - and the closer you are interacting with visitors, the better. Interactive Tutorial, well-illustrated examples, graphics, video clips, animation, etc., is sure to attract readers and they will be very helpful.

02. News

News blogs are also very popular . News - the core of journalism, and these blogs are always a lot of readers, they are easy to raise, in addition, they will come back "for an addition." The news every second, so that content can be updated in the current mode. Readers interested in only the most recent event, but ahead of all other blogs in their coverage can be difficult. Sometimes you will manage the publication of news, even in third-party blogs, but better yet, do not give your stuff into the wrong hands. If you are serious about winning in this field, obtain news first, and serve them "hot."

The biggest news blogs main page opens and contains sections on categories such as politics, economics, sports, etc. You can follow their example. Or, you can choose a more narrow thematic focus, particularly if the category allows you, though, to fill the entire blog. For example, the political arena is huge, a great many political parties, and therefore political life - a theme which can be easily devote an entire blog. And in a small country or two-party political system, a blog topics may be a failed project. Similarly, multi-faceted world of sport is sufficient to ensure completion of a news blog, but if you take just tennis or football, the material may not be enough.

03. Reviews

Review blogs that publish the views of different people, too popular, acting as a browser or a statement of opinion on an issue always attracts readers. Their point of view may or may diverge from those of the author blog, but read it, they still will. These blogs are usually active in their welcome comments and discussion sections. The advantage of conducting a review blog is an opportunity to express their own opinion, while the author of the news blog must be in journalistic impartial. But do not be too eager to preach the radical views, it can scare off readers.

Review blogs publish articles on technical innovations, various goods, games, movies, etc. A blog dedicated to technology, may contain descriptions of the various electronic devices and to conduct a comparative analysis of their characteristics, prices and features. The task of these blogs - to help people choose which technique to use or what to buy. As a rule, the scope of their readers is gradually expanding. Before deciding on a major purchase (laptop, washing machine, etc.), people usually find some information about it on the Internet. They are also familiar with the movie reviews of new products, planning to go see something. Take, for example, a page of Rotten Tomatoes . Competition in this sector, an acute, but the resource can maintain a stable attendance, thanks to readers who drop in again and again here looking for articles of their favorite reviewers. They're comparing surveys in various blogs and the regulars are the ones that have earned their trust.

04. Entertainment

Entertainment blogs are always full of visitors, but to this blog seriously. The biggest problem for their authors - to be able to really "hook" the reader. People come here only when the resource is itself a spectacle, as entertainment - not a vital necessity, and self-indulgence for the fun. Blog topics can be filled with entertainment by various subjects, materials research, with all sorts of hypotheses, information, celebrity gossip - in short, anything. Look at this , for example.

05. Resources

Notes on blogs usually contain a list of resources and links to resources covering all areas - from textbooks for students to programming language to developers. The pledge of their popularity - to provide readers exactly what they want: answers and support. If these resources are helpful, people will come back to them constantly.

06. Content Aggregators

Blogs, simply reprinted the volume notes and links to resources from various sources, are becoming increasingly popular. The authors derive the best excerpts from the lengthy articles, telling them briefly, and providing links to the originals. The reader becomes acquainted with a brief content and if you want to know more, can open the original version.

07. Interview

Readers interested in an interview-blogging thoughts and views of their idols and unquestioned authority - politicians, film directors, actors, engineers (outstanding representatives of any industry). Keep this blog is not easy, it needs either to interview yourself, or find them somewhere, giving the reader with fiction that he had come specifically to you and not your competitors.

08. Discussions

Sometimes the light of recent high-profile events or incidents attracted much attention, and people are willing to discuss them.Thus, readers are actively involved in the interaction and are involved in the expansion of its range.

09. Pictures

Some notes contain more images than text. They usually begin with an introductory explanation, and further verbal comments, as appropriate, used them as blotches between the images. These blogs are devoted to tend to some form of art (painting, photography, handicrafts, etc.) because of their content, obviously, needs a visual illustrations, the reader is easier to perceive, besides, look at the pictures more fun than reading the texts.

10. Competitions and contests

Declare a contest and offer prizes to your readers for the best reviews or notes. People will be happy to express themselves in art, but still get the reward. And your blog will become more interactive and more popular.

11. Invitation to authors from the

One of the best ways to rally around your blog readers - to invite them to participate in its custody. By giving the word to your readers, you will attract new each time. Invited authors are killing two birds with you: your blog is interactive and updated with fresh content. In addition, you are friends with your readers and show them your humanity.

12. The call to participate in good practice

Help awaken sympathy in the people, the desire to help restore social justice somewhere, or feasibly participate in solving some problems of the world. Just do not turn into a worn-out record, not that your call will seem to people lecturing.


Any of the following types of content can I be a description of the sector to which a particular blog in general. And each of them can also be used in any sector of any blog. For example, a blog about Photoshop can publish manuals, reviews, news, stories, entertainment and links to sites with the best resources to support Photoshop. Types of content and can be combined together, report your opinion, and then knock out his subject matter for discussion, for example, or post allowance in pictures.

I hope our article will facilitate your selection of content. Above all, remember that it must be original enough to intrigue the reader and useful enough that he had gained the confidence to you. Cleverly giving readers high-quality material, you will provide your blog's prominent place in the network space.

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