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Diet of 1,800 calories at a time for men

Diet of 1,800 calories at a time for men

If you would like to reduce weight, the diet of 1,800 calories is the fastest and supreme method of losing weight. The reason I said “for men” in the title is that the diet of 1,800 calorie is common for men and the diet of 1,200 calorie is common for women, as per nutrition experts. The reason is that about 1,800 calories for men and 1,200 calories for women is the minimum amount of calories that each sex can consume and can still remain healthy.
As the minimum sum of calories you can consume is this, it stands for complete fastest diet which helps you to lose weight and stay safe and healthy.
What will happen if you’ll consume fewer calories?
Many things can happen, but the big one is that your body will not function properly at small amount of calories and so it will start decreasing your metabolism, burning muscle and storing fat, for energy. Your system will not function properly and you may get sick easier as your immune system is not up to the level…..The list has no end.
If you wish to reduce weight fast, it’s necessary that you stick to this amount of calories. In fact, it is necessary that after every one week, you take a cheat day. It informs the body to keep burning the calories, uphold high metabolism, reduce the weight and release the fat.
About the diet of 1,800 calories:
  1. It’s the best way to reduce weight and it must be broken down every one week by means of a cheat day.
  2. A large amount of your calories must come from the sources of lean protein.
  3. You should eat minimum 100 grams of crabs each day.
  4. Eat at least 1,800 calories every day.
Tips for 1,800 calories diet:
  1. Don’t eat foods like white potatoes, white pasta, white rice and white flour.
  2. Try not to consume soaring calorie drinks like wine, beer, juice and soda, except on the 7th day.
  3. Use fruits and vegetables for fillers as they are very low in calories.
  4. Do not use oils of high calorie for cooking, instead use a non-stick spray.
Even though this type of diet is interrupted by cheat days, you must take no less than 7 days break every month from dieting. Don’t put on the weight again. Hopefully, you will make a better eating habits and choice of lifestyle.

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