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23 test questions - right for you blogging

Do not mind to continue the acquaintance with the articles of professional blogging guru Darren Rose? Theme of today's article "23 questions determine whether a blog - this is your type of site."

Currently, the blog - this is the most popular form of website, but do not think that this is the only form that is suitable for you. Blog format does not always satisfy your needs.

It makes no sense to rush immediately to the head of blogging . It is necessary to first analyze your goals, needs, experience and, of course, style.

In order to make it easier to determine the procedure to answer Darren has only 23 questions. Here they are:
Do you like writing? - The blogosphere is an area which is dominated by texts written medium. So if you do not like to write thatblogging is not for you.
Do you have a purpose? - Do you really want to inform you that - anything interesting? Do you have something to say, there is a clear objective? Starting a blog just for the sake of fun you're just wasting your time.
You are sociable? - I do not think that is very sociable people must have their own blogs, but the basic communication skills will definitely be useful.
You write better than speak? - It's simple. If you say much better than writing, then you should pay attention to the Podcast .
You want to be the "first voice"? - Even if your blog is a community, it still has an author or group of authors who are "first votes" that create a topic of conversation, and the other members leave their opinion. If you prefer to speak in a ready-made theme, then you more suitable forum .
You are independent? - Blogging requires not only some of the action. Are you able to do to deal with software for blogging, or you need a sensible man in these matters?
You are disciplined? - Blogging requires constant attention for a long time. While writing a daily post is not compulsory, it is worth to strive for this level. You will be able to motivate yourself to write something new every day?
Do you have time? - Daily updated blog of course require time-consuming. In your chart there is a time for this? Time is not only to check and moderate comments, answers readers and reading posts in other people's blogs?
You are susceptible? - Starting a blog be aware that sooner or later you get picked colleagues bloggers. And well, if it's a positive review, but if it's criticism (sometimes fair, sometimes not)? Can you make it okay?
You want to be in the spotlight? - Blog is primarily a social act.Every day you put yourself under scrutiny. People who read your blog, will analyze your speech and lifestyle. Of course, bad, or even post a blog can be deleted, but remember that this is read by many visitors. So delete what it says in the on-line, it is difficult.

Do you have any technical skills? - says Darren - If it was a basic requirement, it would never have progressed so far. In the process of blogging you'll definitely have to interact with the network software. So it is worth studying, or get friends who can help you.

You take yourself too seriously? - One of the qualities which should have a blogger - a sense of humor. Even among the very serious bloggers who are most successful are those who can laugh at themselves.
You control your ego? - Along with a sense of humor blogger should be humane. Despite the fact that in the blogosphere, all the same complacency prevails, often at the top of the ratings are modest bloggers - do not forget about it. The ability to control your ego, to represent their own value as a person and respect other people's labor - can be an excellent tool for "self-promotion» (self promotion).
Do you want to learn? - Blogging is like a journey into a company where everyone knows something special, but no one knows everything at once. This applies to any topic. This is the main reason that the best bloggers share their knowledge and advance your point of view. All the study. Even experts.

Do you like reading? - Be able to write well is as important as the ability to carefully read other people's posts. According to Darren, before you write a post he reads three.

Organized Are you human? - Most bloggers disorganized and chaotic. It is a fact. But sooner or later they reach the point at which the organization is required. This occurs because of an increase in the number of feed subscribers, comments, letters from readers.
You social identity? - There are many styles of blogging, but most of them reduced to a desire to be closer to the readers. Some bloggers nprimer, keeps readers at a distance of cutting off the opportunity to comment and almost did not answer the letter.) And it really makes a loyal readership. If you do not like people, then it definitely should encourage you.

Do you like "virtual relationships"? - Network carries a very serious threat, giving people the opportunity to be in online mode is not the way they are. And you as a blogger to learn to be very comfortable in a conversation with complete strangers, and develop the skill of "virtual intuition."
Are you creative? - Network - a very cluttered place, but the ability to surprise readers and stand out is a big plus.
Do you have perseverance? - One of the main tips for novice bloggers Darren thinks long term. Most blogs are not as successful as we would like their owners, so please be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort to achieve this goal.
Are you consistent? - One of the reasons that often occur differences between bloggers and readers is that the authors change the subject or praise for blasphemy. It is worth remembering that even though people do not like boring, and blogs, they have to some extent, to know what to expect in your blog on.
Are you honest? - While in real life, you can easily and intelligently to keep secrets or be duplicitous - in the blogosphere, it is quite difficult, because you are always under the watchful gaze of other bloggers, so you should be able to take responsibility for what has been said.
Do you know how to work hard? - If you want your blog has become something more serious than just a hobby, prepare yourself for a lot of challenging work. But this applies not only to blogs ...

The list could get more impressive, but Darren admits that it only matters that came into his head. And I can not disagree with the fact that these questions / tips are aimed more at serious bloggers ...

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