Friday, April 13, 2012

25 beautiful designs blogs

Although the contents of the blog is its essential part, is also important that the blog was an attractive design. Only then it will lure more and more visitors who linger there for long, having received the first positive impression. In our present notation, we gathered 25 creative design blog for your inspiration. A selection includes designs made ​​in different styles.

01. Sand and Starfish

 Sand and Starfish

02. Vero Moda Blog

Vero Moda Blog

03. The Darling Starling

 The Darling Starling

04. Lovely


05. Belvoir Blog

Belvoir Blog

06. Le Blog de ​​Betty

Le Blog de ​​Betty

07. Boho Girl

Boho Girl

08. Garance Dore

. Garance Dore

09. August Empress

August Empress

10. Echo Enduring

Echo Enduring

11. Min Tran

Min Tran

12. Dawghouse Design Studio

Dawghouse Design Studio

13. Beavory


14. Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels

15. Epic Blog

Epic Blog

16. Super Girl

 Super Girl

17. Larissa Meek

Larissa Meek

18. Tinderbox


19. Leslee Mitchell

Leslee Mitchell

20. Critical Zero

Critical Zero

21. Tim Smith

Tim Smith

22. BBQ War


23. Another Face in the Crowd

Another Face in the Crowd

24. Sara White

Sara White

25. Wiehanne


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