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7 Easy Ways To Update Content

7 Easy Ways To Update Content 

Did you increase your traffic to your website through the use of the content marketing strategy? If yes, then you know how valuable to the owner of the website is a resource for this set of techniques. The only drawback of content marketing is time consuming to create a material that deserves the attention of your audience. It's not just in the flow of time as a resource for the production of a decent online content, but also in the fact that many owners of websites difficult given birth to ideas that serve as its foundation. This article is intended as a guide to becoming the finished content into a new family in various ways.

7 easy ways to update content

A. Remove the theme for the new articles of the comments to your blog

Remove the theme for the new articles of the comments to your blog

How often do your blog readers leave meaningful comments? The success of the blog is determined by the skill of its author to captivate the reader so much that he'll leave your comment on the article after reading it. Visitors often notices the nuances that the author could not miss. Or, readers objected to it in some way, argue in favor of a different point of view, therefore, included in a fruitful discussion. From time to time (depending on the number of comments to content of your blog), someone will leave a comment, it is suitable for writing on this basis an entirely new article.
If you're reading the comments on your blog and suddenly find one among them, you are immediately suggestive of the idea of ​​a new article, then you should do so:

* Take your time to thoroughly think about it, make sure that the theme is light.
* Contact the author of the comment and ask permission to take his / her comment as a basis for your article.
* Write an article, do not forget to refer to the person whose comments formed the basis of its design.
* Send a link to the article the author comments, to show him / her that you have finally succeeded.

Two. Turn e-books in the article to your blog

Electronic books - excellent marketing tool for owners of web sites. Benefits of the use of electronic books:

* Ability to provide your audience with useful information on specific issues.
* A more detailed coverage of the topic than to write the type of article.
* Huge potential for SEO-promotion.
* Place the author's reputation for expert of the topic.
* Suitable for use as a channel to collect information about your readers (for example, "Enter your name and email address, and you can download our free e-book").

As you can see if you have not had a hand in writing e-books, it may be worth a try. Electronic books offer website owners, and another advantage - it allows them to "cut out" the new content from the old. Some time after the publication of the electronic book, you can begin to post sections of it as a stand-alone articles. Of course, no need to reproduce the contents of my blog word for word, you can make a selection of pieces, add them to fresh data, and then will publish it. Determined to provide your e-book binder in the form of articles, proceed as follows:

* Re-read your e-book to select topics of interest and suitable for reproduction as a stand-alone articles - look for pieces that you have something to add, as well as chapters on the issues have been subjected to some revision in recent years, and then you can upgrade your material, re-publishing it as a blog, notes, etc.
* Click on each suitable for transformation into a piece of paper and come up with their names.
* Continue with the processing of the material - or expand your topic, or vary the content ready.
* Optimize a new article for ease of search and publish it in your blog.

Three. Develop the discussion in LinkedIn to the level of blog notes

Develop the discussion in LinkedIn to the level of blog notes

Have you ever participate in the discussion of certain topics within the LinkedIn-community? Community social network LinkedIn - a great resource for communicating with people similar to your interests within a particular topic. Any member of LinkedIn-community can ask whatever discussion topics within the range of common interests. For example, if you were party to the LinkedIn-community marketing, you could start to discuss the latest innovations of the functional service Twitter, or ways to solve marketing problems through a network of Foursquare, etc. Following the announcement of a new community discussion, each participant has the right to express their opinion on the issue submitted for discussion the question as a comment. Thus, a frank dialogue on a given topic. Most people that are usually sufficient. A creatively-minded website owners draw from LinkedIn-debate ideas for new articles to blogs.

During the discussion someone LinkedIn-bound expresses an interesting remark or comment, it is suitable for further development in a more extensive opus. For you website owners with a creative mind, this is precisely the long-awaited opportunity. You can pick up and turn the LinkedIn-a discussion in a blog note on your website. This is done as follows:

* Look at the LinkedIn-debate once again, make sure that it will last for an entire blog note.
* Get in touch with someone from participating in this discussion and ask for permission to refer to them.
* Write an article mentioning it this LinkedIn-community, the debate itself and its participants.
* Publish a note, please return to the discussion and LinkedIn-they leave a comment with a link to your article.
* Thank the participants for discussion LinkedIn-the ability to use their comments in your article.

4. Turn blog notes in a web page

Is not stable if a couple of drums of articles in your blog, outweighs all the rest of the online content of the site to attract visitors? If so, do you not come to mind to do some of the articles page on your website? Some of the articles, according to their thematic focus, would look great as a web pages. Here are examples of subject notes, allowing them to expand the volume to full web pages:

* Articles-tips.
* Benefits for the users.
* Free support manuals for various products or services.

Owners of websites often publish blog notes that the above-mentioned subjects, who are beginning to attract a large percentage of traffic throughout the site. You, as the owner of the website would be good to not overlook obvious value of these articles for a variety of visitors to your site. The same one who finds this material, it would probably be easier if such items occupy a prominent place on your website. This is where we come in handy ability to turn paper into web pages. If you already have ready to turn into a web page notes, then deal with them as follows:

* Choose Article 2.1, is currently attracting to you through the search for more traffic than any other, and thematically appropriate for the construction of the rank of Web pages to your site.
* Create a new web page on your site and fill your text there.
* Read the new page, making editing and formatting the article under the standards of the Web page.
* Test the page and click on "Publish."

Five. Create an online video-based blog notes

Whether you are considering this year to increase the share of online video in filling your life? The cost and timing of professional online video production fell sharply in comparison with the fact that there were only a few years ago. Now get online video for your web site easier than ever before, and I encourage all readers of this article, at least consider the possibility of its use on your website in one form or another.

So you've decided to increase the volume of online videos on your website. Shine! What will be the same this is your "movie"?The question is not idle. As for writing the blog notes, many owners of websites looking for toil themes and plots for online video. One of the best decisions in a similar situation - scroll through your blog notes and articles on search, which can be opened through the interesting (and short) video online. Recycle and transform those notes into a blog of online video.

If you want to make notes in the blog of online video, follow this plan:

* Look in your blog notes on topics that can be opened by interesting video online.
* Look at each item and decide on what you do focus on your video.
* Throw out all unnecessary, because you need to store your video online in the interval from 30 seconds to 1 minute (if possible).
* Write a script based on the blog notes.
* Prepare your photographic equipment and wake up your own talent.
* Assign a date / time of filming.
* Remove the video.
* Edit it.
* Publish your video on YouTube or on their own website.
6. Turn some blog notes in serial publications

6. Turn some blog notes in serial publications

Have you ever written a really long blog-notes? I'm sure something happened. I'm usually a lot of thought, downright eager to put into words, and they all are equally important. I think these people must have done. I am sure that once you look at your blog right now, and you will find several articles that fall under the definition of "too long". And perhaps you will find more articles of the category and "could write more." Why not take advantage of this situation by breaking a blog note on a series of articles?

What this method is good because it is the ability to view all of your previous publications and to start "poseriyno" split the longest article, each adding a new note with fresh information and publishing them one by one. In addition, you can browse through your blog and found there a number of notes, apparently requiring continuation. In this case, instead of supplementing the information finished article just make a series out of it by writing one or two notes after her. Here's how to do it:

* Make a list of articles that you think may be supplemented and developed.
* Will find for one or two additional topics related to the source material.
* Write articles.
* Publish the one and plan your way ahead of the rest, "series" dates.
* Go back to the original version of the notes and add the reference to the second and third parts after they are published, so you can attract readers' attention the first article, and its continuation.

7. Turn "tweets" in the blog notes

You use the service Twitter? For sure! Twitter - a great channel for reaching out to visitors to your web site, both current and future. It is also very convenient for the return of traffic to your website or blog! I discovered another valuable feature of Twitter - it's a real nursery, where the seeds germinate new content interesting ideas. I post a "tweet", or get, I often find myself thinking about what I ... whew ... is, perhaps, write a note about it. Twitter is conceived as a means of sharing information, and when people share it, comes a lot of new ideas. It is best to use this phenomenon to their advantage by making the "tweets" in the blog notes. If you are looking for this a good way, follow our technique:

* Re-read several times "tweet" and strongly reflect on the fact whether it is enough for a whole note.
* If the idea you suggested to someone else's "tweets" to contact the person who posted this information on tape, and get permission to write an article with reference to the original Twitter-message.
* Write an article by mentioning it's the same "tweets."
* Publish a "tweet" and send a link to a person, the message which you have so inspired, thank them.

The case for you!

How else can we turn the old content into the new? Can you share advice with our readers, who, well, that's not written, and that's it? In this case, please state your reasons below in the comments section.

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