Friday, April 13, 2012

30 stunning designs adapted on the basis of Tumblr blogs

a great application for micro-blogging and sharing. Provides ease of publishing and sending pictures, video files that are copied fragments, as well as links - directly through the dashboard service.

Some people prefer self-contained resources, such as WordPress, the other is more like Tumblr - its ease of use and ruggedness in service, because even there for the hosting fee.

Today we look at the best quality themes adaptable design for resource-based Tumblr . Tumblr provides users with ready-made templates, but really magical transformations occur in the process of adapting or creating your own themes. Let's look at some examples of creative achievements:

01. SimpleBits


02. David Perel

David Perel

03. Allison Weiss

 Allison Weiss

04. hrrrthrrr


05. Mark Jardine

Mark Jardine

06. Doug Neiner

Doug Neiner

07. Art In My Coffee

Art In My Coffee

08. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

09. Gary's Real Life

Gary's Real Life

10. MetaLab Blog

MetaLab Blog

11. Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia

12. Vervetbleu


13. Name That Film

Name That Film

14. Eat Sleep Draw

Eat Sleep Draw

15. Karen Abad

Karen Abad

16. Jeff Finley

 Jeff Finley

17. Extra Firm Hold

Extra Firm Hold

18. Nom Nom Domo

Nom Nom Domo

19. Faggotry


20. Kevin Nuut

 Kevin Nuut

21. Moose Garden

Moose Garden

22. Steven Beelen

Steven Beelen

23. Matthew Buchanan

Matthew Buchanan

24. HERE


25. Matt McInerney

Matt McInerney

26. 9-Bits


27. 52 Weeks Of UX

52 Weeks Of UX

28. Heather Rivers

Heather Rivers

29. Log.jb


30. Tumblr Staff Blog

Tumblr Staff Blog

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