Wednesday, April 18, 2012

60 Seductive Beautiful Advanced Blogs Design

60 Seductive Beautiful Advanced Blogs Design 

Blogs occupy a large part of the Internet space, and a specialized search tool Technorati, in June 2008 counted 112.8 million blogs. Surprisingly, the fashion for blogging that occurred ten years ago, in 1999, still has not passed. This powerful influx of bloggers, on the one hand, and the innate human curiosity, the desire to know another's view expressed in the comments, on the other hand, explain the high level of attendance of blogs compared to other web sites.

Undoubtedly, the main attraction factor for visitors to the blog - its contents. People read publications to become familiar with blogger commentary on the latest news, current events, his or her life situation, etc. And yet, good design can be remembered by people who make the blog more visible. In addition, bloggers want to stand out among the myriad of fellow blogosphere. Improving the content of the - the question, rather, the theoretical, so get your blog differences from the other through the completion of design easier.

- Design for All

Design for All

- Gary Nock

Gary Nock

- Dew's BLUP

Dew's BLUP

- Best Blog Box

Best Blog Box

- Design Studio Base6

Design Studio Base6

- Big Bad Collab

Big Bad Collab

- Learning How to Live

Learning How to Live

- Cosmic Diary

Cosmic Diary

- Hey Indy

Hey Indy

- Fritz Quadrata

Fritz Quadrata

- I Love Colors

I Love Colors

- Leihu


- Nine Lion

Nine Lion

- Starcatcher


- Productive Dreams

Productive Dreams

- Twirk Ethic

Twirk Ethic

- Rin-Wendy


- Tarek Shalaby

Tarek Shalaby

- Ali Felski

Ali Felski

- Duirwaigh Studios

Duirwaigh Studios

- Pays Sud Gâtine

Pays Sud Gâtine

- Boompa


- Blogfulbliss


- Bearskinrug


- Assault Blog

Assault Blog

- Agami Creative

Agami Creative

- Belvoir On For Britain

Belvoir On For Britain

- Ayaka Ito

Ayaka Ito

- Outlaw Design Blog

Outlaw Design Blog

- Lord Likely

 Lord Likely

- WebScienceMan


- SketchBlog


- Rockatee


- The Superest

The Superest

- Steve Mullen Creative

 Steve Mullen Creative

- Qwert City

Qwert City

- Guns & Donuts

Guns & Donuts

- Getting Crazy

Getting Crazy

- Hugs For Monsters

Hugs For Monsters

- That Indie Dude

That Indie Dude

- Lewro's Blog

Lewro's Blog

- Le Bloe

Le Bloe

- Istok Pavlovic

Istok Pavlovic

- Kev Adamson

Kev Adamson

- Planet Nasendackel

Planet Nasendackel

- Marchand de Trucs

 Marchand de Trucs

- Le Blog De Gruny

Le Blog De Gruny

- Leffet Crea

 Leffet Crea

- Keven Lupien

Keven Lupien

- Markup & Style Society

Markup & Style Society

- Brown Blog Films

Brown Blog Films

- Kris Colvin

 Kris Colvin

- Brandonmuth


- Blog What? Design

Blog What? Design

- Brad Frost Web

Brad Frost Web

- The Darling Tree

The Darling Tree

- New Era Cap Talk

New Era Cap Talk

- Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie

Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie


  1. cool templates, thanks for stopping by my blog!!


  2. Wow loads of cool ones I need to spice up my blog thanks!


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