Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 signs of the weak interest of your readers

If you have a blog or web site, it's important to keep the interest of your readers to it, do not let them go away. To determine whether you hold firmly to your readers, carefully check your resource for the presence of the following 10 traits.

Sign # 1 - Dullness comments left by readers
To decide whether there is enough strong attachment to your reader you will need to be among the first to review this figure as meaningful comments of your visitors. Readers, "akin to" you, as a rule, do not spare the time to publish thoughtful and meaningful comments to your notes.

Sign # 2 - Reluctance to readers to answer your questions
The second indicator, which allows to judge the strength of your unity with the readers - the number of people directly responsible to the questions you ask. The fact that they remain unanswered, or your attempts to cause a response, or strike up chat are futile, clearly speaks of little interest to the readers of your notes.

Sign # 3 - your notes do not circulate through social networks
Third, apparently the alarm - your readers do not bother to send a note of your blog to their followers and other contacts through the social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.

Sign # 4 - The readers do not publish links to your notes
The fourth indicator of the strength of the bonds linking the audience with you - the frequency of references to the readers of your notes or posting links to them on other sites. If there are no references, no references, then you probably have not been able to interest your audience to a sufficient extent.

Sign # 5 - On the search results page, your notes, far below
The next signal that you are not able to "hook" the reader is to map your themes and titles are not search engines on the first lines. Offset your blog "in the tail" can mean ignoring your blog readers as well as a large percentage of "tranzitnikov", do not delay you long.

Sign # 6 - your call to action does not find the response
The sixth indicator of the degree of interest readers to your blog requires a count of people who perform them to your proposed actions. Sincerely devoted to you readers, as a rule, do what you ask for them.

Sign # 7 - Readers pass your advice on deaf ears
Seventh, to measure the depth of involvement of the readers of your blog in the environment can be achieved by finding out whether they follow your advice, tips, applied in practice, whether you have available to them information. Readers who have not become fully "own" in your blog, do not usually pay attention to your advice and suggestions.

Sign # 8 - Readers do not subscribe to receive updates and unsubscribe from it
The eighth indicator of whether there is sufficient hard you "tied" to his readers - the number of subscribers to your newsletters, as well as those who refuse them.

Sign # 9 - your toolbar and other product samples no downloads
The ninth sign of the strength of your unity with the audience - a sufficient number of downloads directly from your website you offer dashboards and other application development. Long mastered your readers, as a rule, do not hesitate to download from your blog dashboards, the various elements and resources.

Symptom # 10 - Readers do not follow you on Twitter and do not say you "huskies" in the service Facebook
The tenth way to verify the success of your efforts to secure the audience - to find out how much of it following you on Twitter or accents your mark of approval on Facebook. If the figures will be modest, it means that you failed to properly secure your readers to the blog.

Having carefully reviewed the data for one or more of the above items, you can decide whether your efforts are sufficient to secure the readers on the website.

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