Friday, April 13, 2012

How to attract more Twitter-readers of your blog

Today the social network Twitter is important for all of us, and it is high time to send the power of this resource for the prosperity of our blog. But all the power of Twitter is only available for those who have enough followers, and not just "next" for you, and specifically tracking your activity through the Twitter-account, reading all your messages sent using the Ribbon Twitter. Many services are ready to provide you with the base on Twitter in just a few bucks, and attach it to your account followers, from whom you are no good because they will never read your publication posted on the tape. What is the use of such purchase followers, performing a reverse transition to your site from page Twitter solely for the money, did not exhibit any activity in your Twitter-network, do not read your notes and familiarize them with their own followers by continuing to send messages? It is important to attract followers, waiting for the publication of your new articles and reading them.

attract more Twitter-readers

Boost the number of Twitter-followers, themselves following the others

Twitter-loyal followers of your blog, you can recruit, following the service for Twitter users in the same sector blogosphere as your resource. But Twitter users to follow and bring to the page of your blog's potential Twitter-followers to be targeted, that is, to choose those who will in return follow you, and not to press the mouse button at random. Trying to rake all without discrimination, you will not achieve high performance, and will settle for paltry number of followers, attached to your Twitter-account.

Do not rush to indulge in pursuit of the first got Twitter-user, first check the following:

*Interested in whether the user's thematic niche of your blog, if so, to follow him . Having followed the man, interested in some other topic, you can count on mutual courtesy on his part and to increase the number of Twitter-followers assigned to your account, but by and large it does not help you, because this man does not care about notes in your blog and your posts on the Ribbon Twitter. Today it makes no sense just to build traffic to your blog, it is much more valuable than your ability to attract targeted visitors. Address attract visitors increases your chances of ensuring your blog broader and more loyal audience, reading your notes as soon as they appear in the blog, and sends them to their own followers. *

Check the ratio of the user, compiled by the ratio of its activity as a follower of others, to the volume of activity of his own followers, before you follow him . This factor is important when selecting an object and follow the calculation of the likelihood of its repetition for you as a retaliatory step. Followed by the user, whose ratio is too small and not even close to unity, one can hardly expect a reply for you to follow with his hand, because he obviously craves attention to his own person, not wanting anyone to pay in return. So, first definitely check out these details. *

Also check how active the candidate uses his Twitter-account, and only then decide whether to follow him . If the activity of its Twitter-account is low, then expect a reply for you to follow this member is almost not necessary, because once he is inactive, you will need to wait until he returns to his account and decides to follow you, which reduces your chances of a reply adherence to almost zero. What good is to follow the user, who returns to the line that way a year to check the status of its Twitter-account, and you during this time will incur some losses, following these people and spending your stock units Twitter-follow.

If you manipulate the data of these three parameters, skillfully, it can be guaranteed to increase the number of Twitter-followers for your account, and the results will not be long in coming. These techniques are tested and effective, in addition, they will help you bring real and loyal followers. Start now, and Twitter-account of your blog is quite active Twitter-followers with a strong flow of traffic through Twitter, to boot.

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