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10 ways to improve your blog

Bloggers around the world meet on the way a lot of different challenges and trials. The blogosphere is extremely important to keep your blog afloat, always update it and adapt trends one day. Although each blog tries to provide visitors the best and most useful content and tries to stick together with visitors and communicate with them, sometimes you need to move on.After each blog owner wants to allocate the site among others, to provide the best material, well, we can not say about the desire to increase profits that accrue from the site.

Our today's article focuses on 10 ways to help you improve your blog and expand opportunities. Of course, you are unlikely to try all 10, but some of you will be fine!

01. Email-mailing

Blogs and e-mail to have much in common. In both cases, you provide a certain type of material to subscribers, as well as trying to increase the audience and thus increase their earnings. At first glance, the distribution of electronic newspapers may seem superfluous, since you're already blogging, but creating a mailing list of possible can significantly enhance the ability of users to your blog.

Subscribe electronic newspapers will give you another opportunity to communicate with the audience, and you will be able to include content that should be available to subscribers only. If you already have high traffic and good reputation, then it would be nice to develop a system and mailing lists, as it would be operated separately from the blog.

Many sites today are adopting a system of lists, so it is a great way to "reach out" to people who are not often visit the site.Thus, at least they can see the headlines or announcements of material that will attract their attention.

To manage the list of subscribers, we recommend you to MailChimp . Service includes all the functionality you need, and lets you create a mailing list designed for fewer than 2,000 subscribers. You can also see the service AWeber , Get Response 

As for monetization, the distribution of electronic newspapers offer the same features as blogs, including the sale of advertising space, the possibility of establishing partner networks, as well as selling their own products.

02. Sale of goods

One of the main advantages of blogging is that you can keep in touch with readers that can earn the reputation and credibility.Of course, you also need to provide quality content, but we can not agree that it is the blogs - the perfect foundation for this purpose.

Once you zarekomenduete himself as a leader in a particular niche or industry through the blog, the best story of the blog will be selling their own products. Information publications such as e-books, video trainings, conducting webinars - all this is the most popular ways to generate revenue through your blog. In addition, all of this demand among readers. Information products are perfect for bloggers, as they are quite profitable and cheaper to design and method of delivery is free and instantaneous.

In addition to the info-products, you can also develop digital products and sell ideas. Designers can always sell their work via the Internet. For example, the site Vandelay Premier designers sell textures, vector preparation, icons, and files ready PSD.

Many bloggers prefer to develop your own online store dedicated to the blog, but do not underestimate the simpler ways of organizing an online store. For example, it is advisable to pay attention to E-Junkie , and FoxyCart , Cart66 and ClickBank .

03. Offer of services

In addition to (or instead of) creating and selling their own products through your blog, you can also offer their professional services. Consulting - this is the most common type of services on the Internet that offer bloggers, as it helps to establish itself as an expert in the field of web technologies. When you become an established expert and won the trust of the audience, someone will most likely want to hire you as a consultant.

Consulting is also popular because of the opportunity to work in various industries. No matter what subject your blog, you can advise visitors on a given topic. But do not forget that advice - it is not the only option of an infinite set. Try to calculate the problems faced by your readers and try to apply their own skills and knowledge to help them solve them.

When it comes to offering services, do not complicate things. Create the page where it will be given information about the services that you offer, equip her contact form, or any other function of communication with you. Also, it would be nice to provide any progress reports, and important customer known if these were.

04. Section for a certain number of users

Often, to monetize your blog, the authors resorted to the creation of a separate paid section of the site. This will not only allow you to profit from the site, but will also allow users who are really interested in the topic of the blog, receive far more important and useful information. This will help you create a "backbone" of visitors who are willing to pay for information, thereby confirming its strong interest in the subject line.

Pay-sections on the site often offer a specific set of users for more information, be it video, photos, audio tracks and so on.Pay closed sections are also popular sites for designers, where you can upload files for download, or interesting articles on the development.

There are many different ways to create a paid section. The two most popular - is aMember and Wishlist Member .

05. Message boards

Although the Internet is full of giant search engines work and workers, many may be interested in something specific. For example, in the things which is dedicated to your blog. Thus, the presence of billboards with the needs of workers of a certain degree in the relevant blog can play an important role. If you have already formed the target audience, which is actually interested in the topic, then employers will be pleased to be selected among professional workers than the workers of a certain degree among all anyone in general. After all, it will help them find a truly worthy candidate for the position.

Boards will also help you to earn extra income, since it is also, in essence, a service that you offer to those seeking work and those looking for workers. For example, you can make the system of paid ads, which will be shown above are always free ads, which also indicates the seriousness of intent. If you use WordPress, you can use the plugin WPJobBoard , shablonomami clearance Job Board , Job Roller , or JobPress . If you're not one of those who use the WP, there are applications such as JobPress , JobCoin and Indeed .

06. Forum

Forum will allow your readers and visitors to communicate with each other on a variety of topics. They will not be limited to a specific topic heading, such as a commenting system on blogs. Forums can be very useful both visitors and site owners as well as a system of reading index implies constant visits to the same page.

Also, if you have a theme blog, a forum will be there just in time, because nothing superfluous in it will not, and potential customers or visitors will be able to read simple theme exclusively on a given topic. Of course, the forums and need care and supervision, but here the good news is that the main "work" make it visitors, communicating with each other.

The most popular forum scripts are vBulletin , phpBB , and bbPress .

07. Paid Content

Placement of paid content in the blog can be realized as the formation of a special closed section, and without it. If you do not want to deal with the closed partition, but you have something to place "for fee", you can offer visitors an option to pay a certain material. Thus, people can choose - what to pay for and what not. Some blogs offer tutorials or other type of content for the show which you want to pay a nominal fee. This model can be applied to any subject materials.

Cleeng helps bloggers and publicists to get a minimal fee for certain materials. Cleeng raboteat with any kind of content, whether text, audio, video or images. There is a special plug-in for all popular CMS like WordPress or Drupal. You can also consider the option of Clickserv .

08. Directories

Depending on the theme of your blog should be considered as a variant with the organization of a specialized topic. If you offer through your blog, then you are unlikely to be appropriate to create a separate section with information about other people, offering the same services, but some subjects, just assume the existence of this section. For example, if your blog is dedicated to fitness, then it would be nice to organize a section with information on personal trainers, sorted by region.

Such a section, you can create and receive from him profits, especially if you install some sort of payment for access to lists of data, or can be accessed free of charge that will attract visitors' attention and help you earn trust. Will it be paid or not, in any case - it will be useful to visitors.

If you are using Wordpress, then you have several possibilities to create such a partition, even including a specially designed templates Directory Press , WP Directory Pro , or plug Business Directory .

09. News section

Adding a news section or the links in the blog, you will be able to share with the times. Moreover, news can be oriented themes blog. In the niche of design, there are many blogs where visitors can post their own entries and articles, or to do genealogy. For example, you can see the sites like CSS Globe and Design Modo .

If you are the owner of the site to WordPress, you can use plug- FV Community News , TDO Mini Forms or Forms Gravity .

10. Fan Page on Facebook

The popularity of Facebook is so high that even any blog can earn money just because of this social network. But if you want to go further, you can make a Facebook page more attractive to visitors, offering free content to fans page, or even selling products directly through a network of Facebook.

In an effort to attract more and more fans pages, bloggers offer the existing fan to click on the button "like" to attract new people. There are pages in the social network Facebook, in which people can download content only after they click a button that appears in the film, respectively, in the news from their friends list.

If you are interested to open a store right on the page of Facebook, then there is a free application Highwire's Social Store , it will allow you to sell items directly from Facebook, not digging into the code.

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