Thursday, June 7, 2012

Extraordinary work in the style of 4D

No matter how much we age, somewhere deep inside us lives the child who once painted animals, inventing friends and wanted to receive a free game console, which is a thousand times pictured in my mind. Become adults, we forget how much we needed a little inspiration.After all, a desirable thing could produce a whole album of drawings. If you connect a child that the ease and skill to an adult, you can easily come up with unusual 4D works that have a very simple idea, but rather complex implementation.

This article contains 20 amazing work done in the style of 4D.

I. King Kong

King Kong

II. Mad dog

Mad dog

III. Crazy Chef

Crazy Chef

IV. thirst for adventure

 thirst for adventure

V. Bank Cola

Bank Cola

VI. warrior with a sword

warrior with a sword

VII. "I'm not the bad guy"

"I'm not the bad guy"

VIII. And now it's a self-portrait

And now it's a self-portrait

IX. Fully painted

Fully painted

X. Images that come to life

Images that come to life

XI. Draw Sam

FDraw Sam

XII. draw hands

 draw hands

XIII. Do not stop me

Do not stop me

XIV. Attack of the artist

Attack of the artist

XV. Draw a dream

Draw a dream

XVI. Sketch of a dancer

Sketch of a dancer

XVII. Star Gate revived

Star Gate revived

XVIII. And it happens

And it happens

XIX. Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom

XX. gift of John Dalton

gift of John Dalton



  1. wow, these are CRAZY good!! I cannot believe how amazing these are, I've never seen anything like it. It must take ages to make and so much talent...they're stunning!

  2. These are completely amazing. Such wonderful work!

  3. OMG! this is fucking art... no words, thanks a lot for sharing

    Made youserlf?


  4. Ohlalala! This is like the coolest thing I ever seen.



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