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100 SEO Tips For blogger services

Hello, Dear Friends

Recently, I did not show up in the network. I'll be honest - went to the sea-ocean. Rest of the online life before the new season of workers who came to the first day of autumn. And now it's time to take up the work to develop projects, share interesting posts and communicate with colleagues.

Well, to start the new season with something like a powerful and ambitious. And, of course, useful for you, dear readers.I could not figure out what would such a publication that everybody liked. And I decided - let this be a post in a series of "tips". Only differ from the majority of such materials will be a lot of these same boards.

Resolved-done. Meet the 100 tips bloggers . Go to warn that there is no order. I wrote in the order in which thoughts flew through my head. So, sorry if the directions of social networks will be like in the beginning and the end of the list. As they say, from the reshuffling of seats, the usefulness of the information is not lost:

Tip number 1 . Choose a theme for your next blog, based on their knowledge, skills and hobbies. Do not start life in a popular topic, if you do not understand it. This blog site instead. Here the author's expertise is as important, as the topic itself. If the author is not "in the subject," that readers will notice it quickly and if you are a bad reputation is assured.

Tip number 2. Choose a subject of future blog, based on the purpose of its creation. If you get a blog for the soul is one thing. You can use absolutely any subject. If your objective - to provide income, then choose the best of the so-called commercial order, where there are many advertisers who are your future "funding sources".

Tip number 3. All are advised to choose a theme blog, where there is least amount of competitors. This applies to bloggers whose aim is to earn online. I do not agree with this statement. On the contrary, the more the topic of competitors, so promising in the subject. With very few exceptions. Even Charles de Gaulle said:"Always choose the hardest way - there you will not meet the competition." Golden words! Do not be afraid of competition, but be prepared for a heavy but exciting work.

Tip number 4. name of your blog's future should be clear, concise and memorable. It must be associated either with the theme of your life, or from the author (ie you). Typically, the name used in the header of the blog authors, whose purpose, the promotion of its own brand on the Internet.

Tip number 5. preferably next to the name (usually - under it) to use the description of your blog. In the description, you can briefly describe the focus of the resource and / or its author (fictional example: "Notes from the Road Vacy Pushkin").

Tip number 9. Do not hide your face. Except for those cases where the subject of the blog is too risky, that the author revealed his real face . In all other cases, your openness to play in your favor. Readers like to talk to a real person, not the Admin-ohms with a dog on your avatar.

Tip number 10. Set up RSS feed of your blog so everyone could join your share and keep track of your activity on the network. In order to enable you to monitor the activities of their subscribers, do not forget to pass through a RSS feed service It allows you to keep track of your readers who subscribe to your blog in various ways (via RSS, email, etc.). In addition, you can set the counter to your blog subscribers.

Tip number 11. Sign up for the microblogging service Nowadays, almost all bloggers are their own microblogging on Twitter. Thus, they get new visitors and readers. In addition, links to their blog posts apart all over the internet.

Tip number 12. Do not forget the original background and avatars for your Twitter-account. After all, in fact, it is a separate blog with short entries. And he also needs a unique appearance, as well as your main blog to attract more followers (followers).

Tip number 13. Register on social networking sites Facebook and Vkontakte. Today, social networks can provide significant traffic to the blog, with the right approach. For a start, it is enough to publish announcements of their records on the "wall". And to see these records many people as possible, it is necessary to continually communicate and find new friends who are interested in your topic.

Tip number 14. Do not just simply accounts in social networks. Create a group dedicated to the same topics as your blog. Invite to a group of people share valuable information, announcements leave their posts in the blog and attract new readers. If the creation of groups in social networks is too heavy for you to task, you can apply to professionals providing similar services. They will also help you (for a fee) promote the group and extract maximum benefit from it.

Tip number 15. Create a page of his blog on Facebook. Also remember the layout (which, incidentally, and for groups). And do not forget to set the automatic publication of announcements of entries from your blog feed via RSS. To do this, Facebook has special applications such as RSS Graffiti.

Tip number 16. Register on social networking sites for bloggers. What is the purpose of their use? - You ask. And I'll tell you. This is the easiest way to express yourself in the blogosphere. You just need to publish the announcement of his new post, as it immediately recognize the many users of the network. In addition, reading the social network for bloggers, you are always aware of all the events of the blogosphere.

Tip number 17. Register on several discussion forums and begin to interact with their peers. Thus, you will be able to express themselves and learn about your resource, many forum users. It's enough to create a signature with a link to your blog and actively comment on the record. Only in any case do not do spam. Speak only when you really have something to say.

Tip number 18. Do not forget that in many forums (especially on wages and promotion of the network) a digest of the blogosphere. This is a section where bloggers can share announcements of interesting publications on their blogs. And to get more readers.

Tip number 19. Do not think about monetization from the first seconds after the creation of the blog. This is the path to failure. Honestly, just funny to look at the "cool" writers who spread finstripy in the first month of existence of the blog. Well, yes, you can earn and 20 and 30 and even $ 50 in the first month. Blockages blog looping references, lots of banners and contextual ads. But what's the point? After all, this resource is unlikely to hold out for a long time. Do not squeeze the last juices from the newfound blog, which is still on his feet did not have time to stand up. Believe in the future, it will bring you many times more. Just enjoy a its development.Bring the attendance of at least several hundred a day, and only then think of the monetization.

Tip number 20. very responsible approach to selling advertising space in my blog. Try to put only a topical advertising. Ideal - hang banners with reference to resources or services that can actually be useful to your readers. Do not blog about cars to hang a banner advertising toothbrushes.

Tip number 21. Do not forget to control the amount of advertising on the resource. I do not know about you, but I hate to be on sites where a banner (whose number amounts to several tens) can not see the main content.Most likely, your readers an ad masquerading is not very pleasant. And some advertising, but rather its abundance, very annoying. I think, 5-6 neat thematic banners will be enough so that the appearance of the blog does not spoil, and earn a decent (not see any reason to sell advertising space for less than $ 100 per month).

Tip number 24. Create a blog page "About the Author." Readers are generally interested in knowing the details of your life. They want to know you better. To become your friends. Learn about your interests, goals and achievements. You create a page does not take much time, and the positive effect will be permanent.

Tip number 25. If a page about yourself you did not say on his blog, you should create a new page - "On the blog" (on site). Here you can share with his audience his views on the development of a resource, talk about future plans, etc.

Tip number 26. If you sell advertising on the resource, it is not too lazy to create a special page "Advertising", where you can introduce the advertiser to place tariffs on certain types of promotional materials.

Tip number 27. And, of course, do not forget about the page "Contacts" to stay in touch with their audience.Enter your Email, icq, Skype.

Tip number 28. If you are, in addition to blogging, doing some other activity on the network, then why not offer the services of warriors on the blog? Create a page "My Services" where you will be able to list their services and prices. This may be the creation of design, copywriting, site promotion and all that you want. Also do not forget to advertise your own infoprodukty in his blog, if you are doing online business. After all, the readers of your life - potential customers.

Tip number 29. Do not forget to put on top of the sidebar (sidebar blog) icon RSS , Twitter and social networking, where you can join you and your resource.

Tip number 30. search form on the blog should be placed in a conspicuous place and in good faith to perform their functions. Do not forget to edit the page 404 (not found), pointing to her link to the home page of the resource. To the visitor, has not found it interesting material, not left up to you as soon as possible.

Tip number 31. Just as the search form, in a prominent place should be placed on the form of subscriptions to your blog updates by Email. It is best to allocate this form to add a color or a striking image. Also, put thisform after each post so that readers who liked the record, can subscribe to your blog.

Tip number 32. Now let's talk about publications in your blog. And we should start with the Board regarding the quality of your posts. Do not think that at first do not need to strain or write too well. After all, readers have little and almost no visitors. "That's when attendance rises, then going to write helpful articles" - thought by some newcomers. And make a huge mistake. Indeed, in the beginning, more than ever need to write is not just good, very good. Your goal is to declare itself as a serious author, and blogger. And that's the level of your records will determine your potential.

Tip number 33. Since the formation of the blogosphere all concerned about - how often to publish the record ?The answer can be found if to take the place of your readers. You would have liked that - a box filled up with announcements of articles that go three times a day, or 1-2 letters a month? That's right - neither one thing nor the other. The optimal option - 3-4 post a week. This is sufficient to maintain a constant interest of the audience and do not overwork it.

Tip number 34. Since we are talking about the frequency of publication, we should say a few words about the volume of blog posts . Some people cry, it's better short posts, others like long. And right - the third. Those who believe that size is not important. The main thing - the content. No matter how many characters in the text, 500 or 50 000, more importantly, that it clearly revealed the subject was not filled with water.

Tip number 35. Use keywords in your text, but does not turn into the mountain-SEOs, who in the pursuit of traffic from search engines no longer follow the readability of published material. Do not overload the paper keys. 2.3 occurrences (if these keys are concisely fit) enough. Of course, if your aim is not to increase attendance at all about any key and you should not think.

Tip number 36. Take short passages in their texts. These articles are easy to read, even if they are fairly large volume. Also, use bulleted lists and bold, underline, and italics. This will give your office the human species and make reading easier and more enjoyable.

Tip number 37. immediately set NC (humanoid URLs) in his blog. That is, the address of the office should look not so - -54, But the way - / blog open. URLs can be both in Cyrillic and in Latin. You can use plug-ins (at least in WordPress blogs for sure).

Tip number 38. in the sidebar must publish the archives of his blog readers to at any time to examine any records for the last time period. But it is not necessary to use the calendar.

Tip number 39. Never place the clock on his blog. First, readers and panel of your PC can find the time.Secondly, remember the casino, where there is no clock. Why is this done? For a person to relax, forget about their own affairs and enjoyed the game. In our case, all the same. It is not necessary to remind the reader that it is too late and it's time to do household chores. Let the reading and enjoying!

Tip number 40. Install the plugin creates a mobile version of your blog . Indeed, in our time a lot of people use mobile devices for reading materials that interest them on the Internet. And believe me, is much more convenient to use the mobile version than a full page with a small screen mobile phone.

Tip number 41. Do not overload the blog plugins. Put only the really necessary add-on. Remember that each plugin slows down (load) of your life. Some plug-ins can cause a malfunction blog. Check the performance of each blog after installing the new additions.

Tip number 42. Set up a database backup of your blog sent to the Email. This will help you a special plug-ins.You can specify the frequency of sending backups. I do them every day. So reliable. Also if and only if, once a month do a full discharge of the database on your computer.

Tip number 43. Do not place extremely complex form of captcha to comment on his blog. I have two classes, the blogs which are not only seen. Sometimes these CAPTCHAs come across that they have to break for half an hour. So you can fight off all the desire to comment on your entries. Best of all, remove everything and set the captcha publish comments after the test administrator. This is a smart move.

Tip number 44. Always respond to the comments of its readers. Especially when they call you with questions or ask for advice. Blog - a social phenomenon. And communication is a measure of the popularity of the resource. The more you keep this communication, the more comments will be happy to pour in from readers.

Tip number 45. Do not forget to read and comment on the blog readers and colleagues. First, it is a sign of respect. Secondly, the extra channels for new visitors and links to external resources.

Tip number 46. not block comments from being indexed or remove a link to a resource from a commenting form. It's an extra motivator for your readers to tie a hot debate.

Tip number 47. If you have any comment on a user-friendly resource, we always try to be among the first commentators. Indeed, the first is always remembered more than the next. And yet - if you decide to leave a comment, it really does write a detailed opinion on the topic. Indeed, thoughts can be a smart move to attract all who read this post and take them to my blog (if the author of these comments leaves, then write, for sure, good).

Tip number 48. Do not forget about internal linking on his blog. What is the internal perelinkovka and how to do this? It's simple. You should try to refer to their positions on their other records. Just do not overdo it. 3.1 links (links) in each post is enough. What gives perelinkovka? First, search engines love these resources.Second, since you can earn a top ten TIC. Third, this way you will improve navigation on your resource.

Tip number 49. Use their posts pictures . Especially if the bulk positions. Images can be fun to break the text and make it easier to read. In addition, the pictures have another important role - attract attention. And this is the first step before you get the visitor to read the post.

Tip number 50. Now that we are focusing attention on the go, then how can we forget about the title ? After all, this part of the text serves as a "red rag to a bull." Attracts attention and makes reading the text as a whole. Or at least start reading it. By the end of force can only read the usefulness of the information provided. If the text is, as they say "nothing", then no title will not save.

Tip number 51. networking with fellow bloggers. Remember, in the blogosphere, as in business, the more connections , the easier it is to move forward. Communicate with other workers, help them if they ask. For myself I know that having a large number of online friends can solve almost any issue. Socialize, meet and help each other. By the way, is not ignored, bloggers have already taken place. They are usually much simpler than it looks from the outside and are happy to help.

Tip number 52. Set the pager on his blog. It is very inconvenient to move around in the blog, navigation consists of the arrow with the words "forward" and "backward" ("before" - "later").

Tip number 53. Arrange a survey among its readers. That way you can and get to know their readership, and will make a huge list of topics for writing future posts. Just ask that they would like to see your subscriber and get a clear and multiple responses.

Tip number 54. Remember, blog posts, it's not essays on jurisprudence. Here, the official language and an abundance of terms are rather negative role. Write in simple language, as if chatting with friends. Do not use unfamiliar words. Speak the language of the readers.

Tip number 55. Do not hesitate to remind readers about commenting . A great way to collect a maximum of comments - leave office at the end of a question addressed to your audience. So, you show that the opinion of readers for you is important. And they will go to the contact.

Tip number 56. Try to use the templates, the text of posts in which publishes a dark font on a light background.Immediately discard the skins, where the black background of white or colored letters . Read this - real torture.You do not want to strain your readers? Ideal - black print on white, beige or pale gray background.

Tip number 57. Link to other bloggers. Of course, posts links to overload you should not, because there is a risk to get under the filter search engines. But to link to blogs of colleagues - is considered good form in the blogosphere. So do not be afraid to give a few references to colleagues. The time will come, and they will respond in kind.

Tip number 58. If you publish a post-tutorial, do not forget to take screenshots. Sometimes it is very difficult to perceive written, if you do not see everything with my own eyes. For example, if you publish a post-instruction on how to configure a plug-in. Here the screenshots are more appropriate than the text itself as able to say much more.

Tip number 59. sometimes move away from the topic of the resource and write posts about themselves and their lives. These easily become very popular and brings you to your readers.

Tip number 60. Participate in contests and relay races - a great chance to declare itself the world. At least you get a link to the blog organizer (though not always). Like most - become the winner and receive recognition and a prize.

Tip number 61. Hold contests and relay races in his blog. To participate in the competition - this is fine, but even better - to organize contests and relay races. This is the surest way to gain a referential mass, which is very important for any of the promoted online resource. All you need is to find sponsors and come up with a simple but original idea for a future event. Speaking of sponsors ....

Tip number 62. take on the role of sponsors in the blogosphere contests. This is not the most expensive way to get lots of backlinks to your life and significantly increase its "puzomerki" and attendance.

Tip number 63. Try to publish more material, based on your personal experiences and experiments. Such records are particularly popular and useful for your audience.

Tip number 64. not conceited. This is the worst - when it comes to a certain popularity and people began to forget his friends, who provided significant support at the beginning of its activities. Do not be so, stay yourself.No good will not show off.

Tip number 65. Take the interview interesting personalities in your area. Interview - this is generally one of the most interesting types of blog posts. I think so. Always nice to meet a new person, or to learn new aspects of the life of an old friend. And your readers, I am sure, too, such records are to your liking. Also, never miss an opportunity to own an interview.

Tip number 66. Write guest posts. This is a great way to build referential mass, and, naturally. As well as introducing readers to friendly blogs with their persona.

Tip number 67. Participate in promotions for the exchange of guards. And most importantly - you never see that the performance of your blog above. After all, this is only a matter of time. Today you have a higher index of TIC, and tomorrow, who knows, maybe your colleague surpass you.

Tip number 68. Learn programming languages ​​HTML, PHP and CSS. Their knowledge, even at the beginner level, will significantly simplify your life blogerskuyu. I can not say that I know these languages. But to edit or modify the WordPress template design of your blog I can.

Tip number 69. Create a site map on your blog. This will help you plug WordPress (other engines did not work, so can not say anything) - Dagon Design Sitemap Generator and XML Sitemaps Google .

Tip number 70. Finish blog posts creatively. For example, put an interesting video from YouTube, or fill in Network Administration, motivator, just a nice photo or funny anecdote. Create your own unique way to end the post .

Tip number 71. Always, before you send a post to the post, check it for errors, typos and stylistic literacy. Ideal - delayed post until the morning, check it out and only publish.

Tip number 72. If you are doing translation of an article of foreign colleagues, or reprint materials from another blog, do not hesitate to specify the address of the source site.

Tip number 73. Use of audio and video podcasts on his blog. Try to dilute your text periodically record multimedia files. Record a podcast on your topic and post in the blog. I am sure readers will like it.

Tip number 74. Try to respond to the comments of its readers, as soon as possible . After all, the most heated discussions are conducted in the first hours after publication, after which the interest falls. To make the discussion lasted longer, try to keep track of the first comments to the post and immediately respond to them.

Tip number 75. Try to minimize the use of "I" in their posts. Except when you talk about your own experiments.And even in this case, try to write about what readers will get after studying your material. No one is interested in what you have achieved, but still want to know what benefits await them.

Tip number 76. Create a free information product (audio, video course or ebook), you will be able to offer a subscription to your blog.

Tip number 77. Never place guards at the beginning of Lent, as some leaders of Russian-speaking blogosphere. And do not look at what these guards are more expensive. They really annoy readers. And this phenomenon is just ugly. At the end of the post - so be it, especially if they are carefully written and thematically. But in the beginning of the text - a bust.

Tip number 78. Do not use profanity in their positions. After you read not only your peers, who even like it, but more adults. They are unlikely to appreciate such an approach to writing posts. Do not you think?

Tip number 79. Use WordPress as the engine for your future blog. Why not? Because this engine is the most popular. It's free. To him, you can always find hundreds of various plug-ins that significantly simplify your life blogerskuyu. And it is very easy to manage. What else you need for a comfortable blogging?

Tip number 80. Place in a blog after each post button, adding material to social services such as Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter and Google +.

Tip number 81. Do not forget to update the blog engine and all installed plugins. As a rule, with each new version, the developers add new useful features and "stitched holes" from previous versions. The engine is more nimble and safe.

Tip number 82. Create your own avatar (ideally - your own picture) and use it in your blog, when commenting on other blogs, forums and social networks. This is necessary to advance his own name on the network .Experienced online business is not recommended to change the avatar more often than once every two or three years.

Tip number 83. Continuing thematic study of literature. Collect your own home library , read and educate. This not only makes you more intelligent, but will find new ideas for future publications dL.

Tip number 84. Fill the posts positive. Do not try to imitate the television that is based on negative news, scandals and wars. The blogosphere is different. People like material with a good ending, written in a positive way. Success stories, stories about the incarnation of desires into reality, posts about the goals - that's what readers like.

Tip number 85. No person shall imitate. A very common mistake of young bloggers. They begin to imitate the well-known authors , adopting their style, manner of presentation materials, design, and more. It was not originally correct position. You and your blog unique. Be yourself and people will be pulled to you.

Tip number 86. If you have not learned, it's time to start to learn English. Why are you and how it can help you run a blog? All the best ideas are usually the Internet from the west. And if you can freely explore the thematic issue of foreign sites, you will always be one step ahead of their fundamentals nearest competitor.

Tip number 87. Keep a notebook. I am not referring to the electronic and paper notebook. In it you will bring ideas for future posts, and plan to distribute the case, to record interesting ideas, etc. Believe me, it is necessary to every blogger thing.

Tip number 88. Create a blog is simple and intuitive menu "Filed" (categories), which clearly will describe all the subjects of posts published in your blog. Do not be afraid to edit the created column. I have repeatedly reworked sections of the menu until it happened that I was completely arranged.

Tip number 89. Register to add your blog statistics service, so you can always track the traffic coming to your blog, keywords, positions, and more.

Tip number 90. List your blog in directories Aporta, Rambler, Mail. Try sending a request in DMOZ. Maybe your life will appreciate the editor and his will. And do not ignore Yandex. Although they say that the free fall there is very difficult, it is worth trying.

Tip number 91. Invest in your blog. Do not think that the blog will grow by leaps and bounds without you and without the financial investment. Undoubtedly, if you spend a lot of time and effort, then eventually it will become popular. But if you want to achieve anything in the shortest period of time will have to invest. In the purchase of guards, articles, banner and contextual advertising. And believe me, all investments will be repaid many times the amount. Retrieved on personal experience.

Tip number 92. Start the e-newsletter. There you will be able to post announcements of their records with the blog. If you have a fairly broad audience of subscribers, the effect of mailing will be very noticeable. Am going to have a mailing list for one of its resources.

Tip number 93. Do not use on your blog music, animation and other decorations. Even if you think this is funny and original. First, it does not look out of place. Second, the great slow down your blog.

Tip number 94. Your blog must be loaded quickly and always be available. If you have persistent problems with downloads, brakes and other nasty stuff, quickly contact your host. Or even fix the problem, or think about changing the hosting company. Otherwise, at one point, your blog may simply be unavailable to readers. And it is a huge minus.

Tip number 95. always welcome our readers, starting a new post. After all, when you meet a good friend, you're with him hello, and only then start talking. Is not it? So why the blog does not behave in a civilized manner?

Tip number 96. Create a unique and memorable hat for your blog . The time when the fashion was minimalist, go back in time. The future, I'm sure a bright designs. A blog for the main decoration has always been and will remain a hat. By the way, creating beautiful hats - a great way to make a unique pattern from the Public. For example, I did just that.

Tip number 97. Add your resource in the rankings of blogs. In its category. If the rating is really popular, and your blog takes a high position, the additional traffic flow is provided to you.

Tip number 98. Always check before the publication of promotional material on his blog. Otherwise, there is a risk to lodge a virus or a blackmailer and reward of his faithful readers. That's what I wrote in a previous post.Honor .

Tip number 99. Make a list of goals. Publish it on a separate page of your blog. Let your readers see it. This will be a great motivator - you have nowhere to go, it is necessary to prove that you really can achieve anything.Yes, and you yourself will be helpful to look at this page for portions of "kicks in order to improve performance."

Tip number 100. Never give up! In your practice will blogerskoy a disappointment and victory. Perhaps the first would be even greater. But the second will be remembered for longer. Your task - to develop strong character, perseverance and faith in their own success. And then, nothing and nobody can stop you on the path to the goal.

PS: By the way, I decided to start working a season with such a large post. My friend and colleague Dennis Kaplunov too pleased with his readers (among whom I go and I) killer stuff called "100 marketing ideas for copywriters" . I advise you to see not only all the copywriters, and bloggers. Described the ideas can provide invaluable assistance in the conquest of the blogosphere.

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