Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to make a beautiful presentation online?

Presentation - an integral part in the demonstration of a new application, report, gadget or any other product. Slides can demonstrate the merits of the product and help in the story about its characteristics, functions and other important details. Presentations are used very often, and they can affect virtually any topic. This means that to be able to create simple but beautiful and clear presentation have almost everything. Unfortunately, the search and installation of specialized software is not easy. In addition, the program may have a complex set of features and a poor interface that only complicate the creation of slides.

In this article we will discuss 10 free online tools to help you make a beautiful presentation and the information without the hassle and, most importantly, a short time.

280 Slides

280 Slides - a free online tool , with a simple and intuitive interface. When creating a presentation, you can download the necessary files from your computer or start developing your presentation by selecting templates and themes. This application allows you to add pictures to your presentation and videos from Flickr and YouTube, to write formatted text, make short notes in Russian, and create a variety of geometric shapes. The finished work can be downloaded in a format pptx (PowerPoint), or poison the link for e-mail.


SlideRoket - a web application with a large variety of functions, and is ideal for creating complex and beautiful presentations. As in 280 Slides , you can start developing your downloading files from Powe
rPoint or use ready-made templates. In addition to the standard set of functions (drawing shapes, edit text, add pictures) application includes the possibility of joint development, the creation of detailed reports, adding audio, and export the finished project, for example, in a pdf file. To get started, must register and select a rate plan (Lite - Free or Pro - $ 240 per year), then you can start working on the project.


Empressr - a popular online service that allows you to make presentations at any level of complexity. At the first stage of development, you can upload your pictures, video clips, graphics and tables. Now, thanks to built-in tools, user-friendly interface and integration with various services (Flickr, Google, Yahoo and Photobucket) can complement the presentation of images, text, figures and other essential content. Additionally, you can learn how many people watched your presentation.

Prezi - Internet service with free and paid features. Service has a beautiful and featured flash-interface and provides a rich set of tools for working with text, graphics, figures and other objects. It is possible to insert into a presentation video and flash-movies. Starting with paid versions (Enjoy - $ 59 per year or Pro - $ 159 per year) you are given more space to store data (500Mb and 2000Mb, rather than 100Mb), the opportunity to remove the logo of the service of the generated presentation, and use a special application for use in offline.

Of course, it's not all Web applications that allow you to create presentations for free. Therefore, below we have collected all six online services to perform identical tasks. Their functions are very similar to those of which we told you in this article. Some also provide a paid add-on, but just enough free features for the development of a colorful presentation.

Cinder Cone, Kapoho Eruption, Hawaii


We hope that this article will help you find the most convenient service and creating beautiful presentations will be for you a simple and interesting work (:

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