Monday, May 21, 2012

Viximo social gaming platform, waiting for mobile game developers

The mobile application ecosystem is developing at full speed. This ecosystem, which is a sub-branch of the challenges to the provision of mobile games on the extent of the games can be experienced.

Recognized as a social gaming platform Viximo , mobile gaming platform is opening a new field for developers to help in this regard. Game developers that offers modular tools Social Zone , called the service, developed the game's messaging, social networks, providing publicity and notifications.

The backend service vehicles Viximo'nun Urban Airship , Parse and StackMob tools such companies can say that looks like. Viximo this platform, developers save time hosts for functional applications.

Social Zone'nun to provide social infrastructure of the big difference. Mobile game developers, particularly since some problems can be faced with difficulty in receiving feedback. However, the infrastructure hosting Game Zone is a social game developers what it wants to report the gamers.

You could say that for the moment Viximo'nun during growth. The company receives a growth path backed by game developers to gather momentum. A new ecosystem for developers of mobile gaming platforms.

However, these types of initiatives we think will improve the rapid increase in mobile gaming ekositemini.

Mobile game development tools Viximo'nun Android and iOS mobile operating systems can be used. The platform is currently in beta version for free to be able to exploit.

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