Thursday, May 17, 2012

Changes that must be present in the blog

When a very very long time in the main blog,  ProBlogger published an article about the 20 types of pages, of which every blogger should remember . This article has been collected the maximum number of possible pages, one way or another suitable or necessary for the blog - as a standard (About the author, Contact Us, Services) and is very unusual (Targeted Landing, Viral Sneeze, events and media). Each author, in principle, decides for himself what he will use the page - there may be 1-2 or, say, 10. A good structure of the blog implies not only the posts and categories, but also support the important pages. Let's look at some of these details.

Home (starting)

For many visitors to the site starts with "Home" page is the "face" of your blog. Theoretically, "home" page may well be some original and not similar to any other, but for 99% of blogs comes down to the banal set of posts. On this page you can place a list of popular articles, the text widget with information about the blog, some important announcements, articles and more. An excellent example is the famous blog ProBlogger:

Note how Home differs from the internal architecture and how the author uses it effectively. This format can be found often enough for the type of template wordpress magazine.

About the Author (About)

If the home page - the "face" blog, the page "About the Author" (or "About Us") - "Passport" blog. Without it, even the obvious SOM can be like a faceless splog or satellite . The presence of such a page on the contrary suggests that the reader a serious site. If, as you build a brand project, you should be made ​​to create page «About» special attention. Example - About page on Techcrunch :

Here you can write as the author, and about the site itself. If a lot of information or, for example, there are several authors, it makes sense to divide it into 2 pages.


Bloggers should be open to dialogue with readers, so that any visitor should be able to easily reach you. Of course, you can specify the contact information on the page "About me", but it is better to create a separate. There you can, for example, to place at the same time the contact form. Even if you put your data somewhere in the sidebar, it still makes sense to duplicate information on a separate page - most people (myself included) just look for the menu item "Contacts".

Site Map

In this case it is not about the site map is created and designed for search engines (XML Sitemap), but the one that "for the people." Although, in principle, any project (and blogs too), I would advise you to create original, these two maps site at all times. One project will improve indexing by search engines, and the other helps the user to quickly familiarize yourself with the contents of the site. "Site Map" can be considered as part of navigation, as it displays the complete structure. For the wordpress plugin I use Dagon Sitemap Generator design - very simple and convenient.

Privacy Policy / Terms of Use (Privacy Policy / Terms of use)

In the west, where the strictly enforced copyright laws adopted to create the page "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of use» (Privacy Policy / Terms of use). In RuNet detailed section are not mandatory, rather, they do not accepted at all. Nevertheless, no one will interfere with already done at something like that, but if you have an English project, because without them, do not do!

Optional page

In the first half of the article we have listed is probably the most necessary and basic page. Others may be created at will, but if they will not - do not worry. New projects where the author only acquainted with blogging, as a rule, these pages do not have, but no one bothers to add them over time, a little later.

Section subscription. On some blogs there is a separate page for subscribers where they are offered a variety of subscription options (RSS, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). You can do the same, but I do not think that it is not necessary (although in some cases and useful). By the way, there is often publish information on what RSS.

Advertising. Today there is virtually no blogs are somehow not earn money. A special page with a "commercial offer" for the advertisers (characteristic of the blog, his blog audience and advertising rates) significantly increases the probability of advertising space.

Services. If you provide any services, be sure to make a separate page with a description of services, examples, price list, etc.

Archive. "Archive" can be called a special case of "site map", the only difference is that all the contents of the site located on the page with the archive in chronological order.

Friends. Many bloggers are happy to change or create a link on a separate page blogroll analog or something like folder thematic links. If you like this idea, you can do the same.

If you are a novice blogger - it's time to go create all the basic page. For advanced writers can create some additional pages. I advise you to spend an evening on the establishment, it is not so much time, but the project will look more professional. By the way, and which pages you create?

PS Image processing - the process is not complicated, if you know how to do it, you want to know how to insert photos into the template ? - Then Search on google video tutorial with detailed instructions of the process.

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