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May 55 best Creative tumblr blogs

In today's world except that lazy does not lead his page on social networking sites or blog. It's not just communication, but above all a kind of conversation with the audience and the ability to express themselves.Many successful creative people prefer to talk about his life and professional success from the pages of this blog. And I must admit, blogging has become a real art form. It is important not only to the inner content of the blog (as beautiful and interesting written by one or another post), but, flawlessly, exterior design blog, because it is at the interface of the site draws the attention of the user who gets the first time on the blog page. Often, the interface serves as the spokesman of the blog's personality, his ideas and inner peace. Moreover, often thought of as a personal blog site where the works of the creative personality, his portfolio. Well, today we look at the most creative blogs on the platform tumblr.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr - this is probably the youngest microblogging service, which meanwhile has recently gaining popularity. And while the popularity of this platform is just beginning to gain momentum, but with a little over 4 years my Tumblr blogs have brought more than 46 million people around the world. However, the people of Russia and the UMP are just beginning to slowly but surely learn Tumblr.

In general, Tumblr - it's very stylish and high quality are made ​​microblogging service that allows users to upload pictures, videos, quotes, audio, links, and, of course, the text messages on his blog. Tumblr is ideal for small short positions, as well as to accommodate interactive (video, audio, photo) content.Experts often say that Tumblr «borrowed" the best ideas from other bloghostingovyh platforms.However, the main difference is that this platform - perhaps the easiest way to blog, and this can hardly be disputed. In addition, a blog on Tumblr - free of charge, which is also a lot important.

Another important advantage of Tumblr is that a blog on Tumblr perfectly adapted to work not only with the PC, but also from mobile devices.

How to create a blog Tumblr?

Certainly, many of you know how to create a blog, but as the saying goes, just in case tell in a few words about this again.

To create a blog on Tumblr need to:

  1. register on the main page;
  2. enter email and password;
  3. come up with the name of the blog and complete the appropriate form (blog will look like in the format "");
  4. get avatar 
  5. Actually, that's all you need, and then you can indulge in swimming, and to understand the fields in the admin panel. However, to work with Tumblr need at least a minimal knowledge of English. In general, the author of a blog set up quite a few fields - add pages (Pages), services with which you can link your blog to their pages on social networks (Services), to determine the Community (Participation in certain communities), and set options language, the resolution of photos / videos.

How to decorate a blog on Tumblr?

Another point - to decide on the theme of the blog. The visual themes for Tumblr are both free and paid, but in both cases, you can change the design and decorate their own blog. If you are familiar with the CSS-tables, and you know what a web design, it can be easily induced to schemes "to collect the parts" and create your own original interface for your blog. To do this, just click Creating a custom HTML theme and a little time to spend

The collection of the most creative blogs on Tumblr

A. Garys reallife

Garys reallife

Two. Matthew diffee

Matthew diffee

Three. Esobvio


Four. Ghost in the machine

Ghost in the machine

Five. Steven Beelen

Five. Steven Beelen

6. Photojojo


Seven. Unhappy hipsters

Unhappy hipsters

Eight. Jorrty


Nine. Craft Junkie

Craft Junkie

10. Nuut


11. Art in My Coffee

 Art in My Coffee

12. Short form Blog

 Short form Blog

13. Moose Garden

 Moose Garden

14. S tephendiaz


15. Faggotry


16. Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph

17. Blazing and Bright

Blazing and Bright

18. Name That Film

Name That Film

19. Domonomnom


20. Vertetbleu


21. Hello


22. Karenabad


23. Oceaniclove


24. In landscape We Trust

 In landscape We Trust

25. Eliseos


26. We and the Color

We and the Color

27. Beautifultype


28. Matthew Buchanan

 Matthew Buchanan

29. Pratt


30. Artists wanted

Artists wanted

31. Public Art Fund

Public Art Fund

32. Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott

33. New Yorker

New Yorker

34. Suicide Blonde

Suicide Blonde

35. The loveliest

The loveliest

36. Hrrrthrrr


37. Most creative The Blog

Most creative The Blog

38. Hipstertracks


39. Irc


40. copycats


41. Eat sleep Draw

Eat sleep Draw

42. Jake and Amir

Jake and Amir

43. Lolcabulary


44. Perezhamilton


45. Sir Mitchell

Sir Mitchell

46. ​​Photoholic


47. Rules for My Son unborn

Rules for My Son unborn

48. Jam-Factory


49. Just Watch thesky

. Just Watch thesky

50. Fuck yeah Sharks

Fuck yeah Sharks

51. Valentino VAMP

Valentino VAMP

52. Svalts


53. Going for Picture

Going for Picture

54. Daily drop Cap

Daily drop Cap

55. The Only Magic left is Art

The Only Magic left is Art


  1. I love tumblr, it's such a great way to find inspiration..

    xo Joana

  2. thank you for this information! i am slowly this helps!


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