Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to write posts more convincing

Why write persuasively? The main reason - to get your reader to trust what you write. Some are for some reason, this kind-that motivated or a trick.Maybe someone will even call this post "instruction manipulation." I do not see anything wrong in order to be convincing. Need to convince someone not necessarily with the intent to deceive or desire something "vparit." We are interested in another aspect! You must be able to interest the reader , to be able to convey to him what he wants to hear. In the end, every blogger wants to be an authoritative source! So what is bought with the reader.

Professional language

If your blog is dedicated to a particular topic. It would be natural to use professional language, because it describes the use you as a person qualified.

However, the effect can be negative - for example, if you do not know a question, this professional will be evident very quickly that you are an amateur. I remember at first I was very cautious in this regard - if in doubt, replaced the term or phrase in a more simple. In addition, an endless stream of professional terms, will scare the beginner, there is little that they will understand, therefore, all is good in moderation and to the point.

Facts and good examples

Bring facts. Since you can not argue with facts (if it is real evidence), they are convincing.

A good analogy is almost as fact. The fact can not, but the effect is produced similar. So always try to find examples in the subject, except when the conversation is already a commonplace things which do not require support with examples and analogies.

Vivid, picturesque detail

Rich in detail in the text works well. Details give the impression that you are "was seen, you know," when in fact he could not "be and be seen, as you know only by hearsay." This is not a technique of deception, fraud is not being. It is tasty talk about art. "Delicious," the text touches! If you are blogging about the schools, cooking, traveling, all articles must be very tightly seasoned pictures - then the visitors will become regular readers.

The opinion of authorities and their own experience

Reference to the authority are often instantly removes the questions about the loyalty of your position or opinion and is always a good argument.

The reader believes more to your personal experience and example than something abstract, so try to rely on personal experience. This is especially important when you write, for example, the earnings on the Internet and the like very specific things. It's one thing to read an article with some general overview, the other to see what the author really knows, and checked as says.

Your competence

Straightforward application of the highest competence does not always looks nice and well, so it must be done wisely. For example, do not write anywhere that you have a super driver, it is better to mention in passing, "10 years ago when Schumacher came to me for advice ...". This advice must be understood correctly - just mention the fact that it was in fact, see item number 2 - Just the facts (at least the fact that no one can ever disprove)!

Experience, too, like bugs

Well, if sometimes in addition to positive experiences and achievements as you write about the failures and failures. It makes you look like a living thing, a real person, and the authority did not take away! The main thing with this is not too far :)

Drawings, diagrams, statistics

Charts, graphs, etc. work just magically. This is known by all those involved in presentations. Want something to sell - prepare more charts, graphs and drawings, they will do their job! Many webmasters, bloggers have attracted the attention of a very "sweet" in their earnings reports online. The larger the numbers, the more likely to interest the reader, although it should not get involved unnecessarily.

At this all seems. Use these techniques and you will believe as yourself. Just do not want anyone to cheat, as described above in order to "your truth" made the right impression. In order to get your facts are not lost in the gray boring paragraphs. Well, I think you understood me correctly!

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