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How to use my design talents to the maximum: 20 Tips leading designers

Creative Writing - a piece is very thin. And the creative inspiration does not come just like that, at the click of your fingers. In order to stimulate their creativity to create the conditions. For each there is a way of mobilizing the design capacity. Computer Arts interviewed several top designers, in order to find out exactly what helps them.

A. Create your space
create a space where you live, according to your tastes and preferences. Past research suggests that certain colors have different effects on creativity. The same can be applied not only to color. "We surround ourselves with favorite toys, books, posters of your favorite artists," - says Rex from Inksurge .

Two. Walk new routes
world outside our home or studio is bright and versatile. "When I go somewhere, I try to choose new routes" - govrit Muscovite Andrey Nepomnyaschev . "Exploring the streets, along the way, I rented the video. Then, these images may be something to happen. Big city inspires me. "

Three. Be explorer
Explore differences. Perhaps that is so necessary to perceive the world around us."Plunging into another, different from the traditional culture or situation you are giving impetus to recent findings of new brain for creative ideas," - says Nick Scott of Nick Scott Studio .

4. Stay in tune with other
Make it so that sites like deviantArt , Flickr , Behance have been among your most visited sites on the Internet. Be active, socialize, leave comments, make a portfolio.

Five. Take notes
Take notes in a notebook whenever the fall as possible. At first, this will have to force yourself, but then you will not notice how your hand will be pulled to the notebook itself."It is possible that in future you will find the best use of your records, which now you do not even suspect," - said Lisa Fleck .

6. Be physically active
as they say in a healthy body - healthy mind. If possible, go on foot or ride a bike. "Blood flow to the muscles and the brain is stimulated creativity," - tells Nick Scott .

7. Allow yourself bored
As strange as it sounds, but sometimes boredom breeds success. "You should be really boring, so that you wanted to change the world around them," - said Christoph Ruprecht of the Spaceship .

Eight. Do not be a passive consumer of information
off the TV and get away from the monitor screen. Do not be a passive consumer of information in the area where you do not work. Pick and choose what newspapers and magazines to read. Trust your own interest.

9. Expand your horizons
to explore the world in areas not related to your job. Expand your horizons, learn something new. You never know what will stimulate your own creativity.

10. Become a critic,
there are many areas where you can become a critic of the time. Music, ballet, theater, cinema, architecture. Try to understand the idea of a director, choreographer and composer, see how it was done and what happened.

11. Go back to school
try to gain new knowledge in any field. To do this, you can even sign up for courses. But the self - also a good way.

12. Remember the "paradox of choice"
In spite of the fact that the Internet is the sea for inspiration, there is a danger of saturation, which may enter into a stupor the brain of even the strong man. Therefore, any information should be metered and not stuff yourself all in a row in search of inspiration. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect.

13. Sort the information
Make your library for ideas and inspiration. If you find something interesting on the Internet, at once, not fish or cut bait, determine the storage location. It could be online services for data storage, and the hard drive of your computer. But in any case, the information must be ordered and ready for use.

14. Learn the lessons of history
is only a very few truly original ideas. We've all absorbed the experience of previous generations, and only express them by using more advanced technologies. Mankind has an incredibly rich history. So, learn from their predecessors.

15. Create the real thing
whenever possible, create a real physical objects. "We used to develop models in order to present the idea, and not just rely on digital media," - says Rex from Inksurge .

16. Think of constructive criticismServices such as and the like, can benefit from feedback from other users.Not only can you view and criticize the work of others, but to hear others' opinions about their work. You can also ask for advice in terms of what can be changed or improved. So use these benefits service.

17. Stay up to date on the latest trends,
creative community is changing rapidly, so it's important to stay abreast of the latest trends and keep our finger on the pulse.

18. Express themselves in their work
, "Try to put into each piece of work yourself, your likes and preferences. The fact that you like and makes your heart beat faster, "- advises Christoph Ruprecht.

19. Exit out of comfort
is sometimes very useful to create a hurdle to overcome it, get out of routine and complacency, and find a new creative impulse. Try to write something with his left hand, for example. ))

20. Talk with your colleagues
if you have creative friends, discuss with them your problem. "Never underestimate the opinion of others," - said Lisa Fleck . "A friendly discussion over a bottle of beer or two sometimes work wonders in terms of creative inspiration."

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