Monday, May 7, 2012

Classification of texture in web design and usage

In this case, refers to a texture surface of some property that can not be attributed to the shape, color or size. In computer graphics, usually refers to a texture simulating all kinds of surfaces such as stone, wood and fabric.However, textures are not only those concepts, as well as a flat color, geometry and pixel texture, variety of photographic material and textures. Let us understand with each successive view textures separately, and see examples of their successful use in the design.

A. Flat Color
Flat color - this is the simplest of all textures, and at the same time very favorite designers and, perhaps, the most common and versatile. The vast majority of sites, until recently, used in the design of a uniform fill color, creating a stylish and tasteful things.The more modern trends of web design to favor simple and straightforward solutions.

Two. Geometric texture
to geometric textures are all sorts of bars, cages, diamonds. The design uses a little less because of their pronounced regularity, symmetry and repetition. Moreover, in order as seen from the examples of such patterns immediately retracted the attention at the expense of content. And if that was the idea, that such use is justified. The most neutral geometric patterns include horizontal or vertical bars of muted colors.

Three. Ornamental textures
Another type of repetitive patterns, but using a more complex and intricate components.Such textures immediately make any design is not simple, and with the claim, so to speak. By the pretentiousness of the pattern are perfect for vintage designs. Also tend to put off the attention, so the impact should be regulated, and color saturation. When the figure is too shallow can cause a feeling of boredom and repetition.

4. Pixel textures
to pixel textures are geometrical patterns composed of individual pixels. The human eye can not distinguish the individual elements of the pattern, but it is well perceived heterogeneity and surface roughness. Means of fairly universal, with little effort the surface is particularly attractive. In addition, such a pattern of very little weight.

Five. Photographic texture
first representative of a class of photographic textures - it is actually the very picture .This is the most complicated structure, since the photo image is in fact an independent graphic object, and thus, paradoxically, but just a backdrop, this texture is simply not possible. It is the generating element, around which the entire design and construction.

Abstract images can also be classified as photographic textures. The only difference is that, unlike photography, abstract background is more versatile. Around him, of course, also built the whole song, but to a lesser extent. The degree of involvement in the design of abstract textures easily adjustable brightness and saturation.

Drawn images as a texture carry all the same features as the picture. The only difference is that the illustration gives much more possibilities for the realization of design ideas. By setting a certain style of illustration, we can initially set the direction for the entire design.For example, the same cartoon style is very widespread.

6. Material texture
first group of material texture form a muted texture of the material. Such surfaces are evenly distributed texture, subtly alluding to its materiality. It's easy grunge, paper, fabric and other rough textures. Their advantage is that they give complete freedom in the choice of decoration elements, playing with the role of the background, but giving the whole design of a special color. A very popular trend today.

Well, the last group of texture - it is the active material texture. Basically, it's the texture of these natural materials, surfaces, and industrial factory or crocheted fabrics. These textures do not recognize any neighborhood next to him, so the design is appropriate to use only one active surface. Upon successful execution of the entire design makes a memorable one.

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