Sunday, May 20, 2012

Automatic publication of the article on twitter and facebook

Good morning, dear bloggers! Tools for you that will automatically publish your new posts to twitter and facebook, is a beautiful word Twitter Feed . Twitterfeed is a site that accepts feeds RSS, you will feed them on Twitter for you. You can see Twitterfeed to feed one item at a time, two at a time, or that the number makes sense for you. You can also add prefixes and suffixes to the tweet, including hash tags.

Go to the site and click " Register Now "

first of all you have to make an account with twitterfeed its free you need an email Id to register, Here is what the magazine page as follows.

twitter feed

Registration is simple, fill in three fields: your e-mail, password and confirm password feed you blog to twitter

make a RSS-feed for Twitterfeed

Click on Create a new feed

Once you've created your Twitterfeed account, you can start adding RSS-feeds. Click on the panel, and then click on the button in the upper right hand corner that says "Create a new feed."

Create a new feed
Create a New Feed

On the next screen you will see a screen to create a new feed of images. Submission of a name for your self. Enter the URL of your feed, and then click Advanced Settings arrows below.

I specifically made ​​a screenshot
twitter on facebook

By clicking on Advanced settings gives you more options for your channel.

The first bar allows you to control how often the feed will be updated, and how many items it will be updated immediately. I did not want to have more than three at a time, and at least one hour between updates. If you bombard people too many tweets, they will ignore you Unfollow, or as a whole.

You can edit the content of the post, and add a prefix or suffix, which may include the hashtag if you wish.

Once you have fully completed this page, then click "Continue to Step 2" button at the bottom of the page.

Twitterfeed Publishing Feed

Publish your feed
facebook twitter

First I use Twitterfeed to publish feeds to Twitter, but you can also use it to publish feeds to Facebook, StatusNet and Hellotxt. You have to decide where you want to publish your feed, click on this service, and to allow for service of your choice.

Publication Feed on Twitter
twitter tools
After selecting the service you want to publish your submission, click on this service, you get a screen that looks like this. You need to authorize filing for publication in Twitter or any other service of your choice. When you have authorized the service, click the "New Service" button at the bottom of the page. Your channel is now live.

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