Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to send free fax?

More rarely a situation where we are reminded of this method of communication as a fax. Fax seems a relic of the past, but it's not entirely true. Quite a lot of places in our vast country, where the fax - a modern and often the only possible means to transfer the other party any document or image.

If this situation arose and you, you are unlikely to flee the store to buy a device called fax (unless of course you have it yet) or something, where this thing is built. Of course, there is another way - to establish a specialized program on a computer that is capable of sending and receiving faxes or use an already built into the operating system. But these methods require either complicated and time manipulation, or limited in functionality.

The only option in this case - to take advantage of online services to send it. Fortunately, these services are a large number, both paid and free. Their functionality is simple, clear and perfectly fulfills its main purpose - to deliver a letter to the proper recipient.

Online fax , or, as it is often called a virtual fax has several advantages over its mechanical sibling. Rather service that provides a service. With it we can send an email to multiple recipients, and to be notified about the delivery to the post office (we give it when you send as part of the services to be confirmed after data entry), a list of addresses to which we sent a fax before, to have your own room and not only send, and receive documents. The number of kinds of functions are very diverse, but, as experience shows, is not so important, especially if we send information to a virtual method once a month.

In this paper we have collected eight services that can help you send a fax . Half (first four) service is completely free, others have trial period of 1 to 6 months. If you know of other sites that were used, add them in comments.

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