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Hired writers for your new blog post: Is it worth it?

Hired writers for your new blog post: Is it worth it? 

In the era of the online economy Blogging has become one of the most popular activities, and, gaining increasing popularity.Around the world had multiplied countless blogs, both amateur and professional. Someone publishes a note just so, and someone is building on this career, earning money by making blogging as a profession.

They are something our article and can be useful. In it, we consider all the nuances of moving your life into an already densely populated blogosphere, often elusive sight, and will pay particular attention to the question of whether or not to hire for that other bloggers will inevitably faced by every owner of a commercial blog. Let's try to understand the details.

The Web environment is very mobile, and you can not keep up, you need to live in her own pace. Every day, thousands of blogs are started, so your not lost among them, you need to update it regularly, to offer your readers only selected material and keep up everywhere, supporting resource "in good shape." When you start a blog, you may feel that you can do it and it alone, but there comes a point where you no longer do without reinforcements in a competitive race. And then the question arises, and is it really you need to hire writers from outside? The more helpers, the more you make, but solving one problem, you will immediately create a different, because "to disassemble the rubble" will have for you. Increase is therefore your own workload and to add a confusion of affairs? Not necessarily. A huge number of bloggers are now working with hired by the authors, reaping the fruits of labor of others. Just keep in mind: the rise of productivity goes around comes around a number of new problems. You can try to solve them by means of several techniques.

Hired writers for your new blog post: Is it worth it?

The bloggers are attracted to co two categories of writers: permanent freelancers and those that "salaried." Both types have their pros and cons. Staff members provide stability of the resource, but on a new freelance blog more useful. First you need to provide jobs in an office, make them the payroll, keep alert payroll, pay them to leave and a lot more to comply with the obligations of the employer, you might initially not able financially to the freelancers are all much easier. Be that as it may, the authors try to trim carefully - not all of them are trustworthy, or payment of the fee. Staff "salaried" safer, because it works in the office and is in your submission. But the effectiveness of cooperation with freelancers due to the fact that the piece-rate payment makes them very appreciate your time and do not spend it for nothing. The choice is yours, however, for new blogs freelancers probably preferable.

Giving preference to same-freelancers, you will have a successful cooperation remember a few basic rules. The main thing - to be in touch. Need a reliable channels of communication with your team of freelancers. Assign them face to face every time you can not, therefore, clearly negotiate your terms and requirements needed in the beginning. You can communicate in several ways:

* Sharing e-mail messages - one of the easiest. You can set up and send them to your freelancers. Describe your instructions clearly describe your requirements and set deadlines. In e-mails follow essentially put it more clearly. Share them regularly.Your team will work better, feeling through the responses of your interest. Do not interrupt the communication with her for long.

* To be useful, and services are instant messaging and video chats. Sharing the screen by, for example, Skype has more than increase the efficiency of utilization of these opportunities.

* Do not attempt to telephone and text messaging. They are good for sending reminders, appointment of project deadlines and reconciliation schedules.

Natural human communication with your team improves its effectiveness. Maintain an active e-mail and respond to the treatment of your employees. This will help you establish a trusting relationship, and they - realize their responsibility in front of you. But do not overdo it: remember that freelancers - not your subordinates, and they may have obligations to other customers. Try to keep your emails, calls, messages and conversations in chat rooms, do not hesitate to act and does not interfere with them.

A number of nuances, which can not forget:

A. Competently manipulate the invoices

Calculations with freelancers to you, basically, paying them exhibited on the fact of execution of orders of the invoice. Learn how to properly maintain accounting of invoices. They must include the amount to be paid for work performed, as well as details of the recipient. And to reflect the specificity of local accounts, for example, Australians are required to indicate in the calculations a special identification number - code party payment systems in Australia. Keep your invoices even after paying for them.

Two. Attach conditions to the long-term cooperation contracts

Enter into contracts or agreements for the development of long-term projects. This will allow you and your authors to establish some framework within which limits, you can move towards a more coherent. For example, freelance contracts for development of the 200 texts, you must somehow insure and legally secure your agreement to the Executive had not abandoned the project halfway through. If you agree to pay him every article on the fact of its availability, the author may withdraw from the project is in its very beginning, respectively, to bring you. A stock of a contract worth more than listing the conditions of payment to all had complete clarity.

Three. Calculated rate

Rates are always negotiated in advance. We freelancers are usually slightly higher than that of full-time employees, since the first use for their own equipment and facilities. But instead, you can usually count on a higher than second, the intensity of work. With regard to blogging rates are fixed at the rate of either artist spent time in hours, or the number of articles written by him. If you hire an assistant for the first time, look at prices for various services on the page , or ask around other bloggers, for example, you know.

4. The responsible attitude

The employer must be aware of their responsibilities to subordinates, then he will be able to establish normal relations with them. Clearly express your wishes, do not be fooled, and their expectations. For example, Pay them on time. Just taking care of the staff, you will be able to gain his confidence for a long time.

Did you type the command freelancers, or state, in any case, you have certain responsibilities lie. The employer of staff "on salary" should take care of the premises for office, exercise leadership, to engage in economic and other issues. When you work with freelancers employer free of these worries, but he, nevertheless, obliged to try to give the performer the tools or resources that are needed. Further, the employer must carry out all management functions. From payroll to bookkeeping and tax reporting, all of this documentation must be kept in order, but still fit within a certain time. If you are relying on trust and commitment of your staff, then he should see them on your side. Also, eat a balanced management tactics. Do not resort to austerity, from which your employees zastonut, however, do not and debauchery, harming the cause. Presiding, showing an understanding on the basis of reciprocity.

As for finding good staff, with permanent employees of the matter is a little easier. You go to any job portal ( Monster ,TimesJobs , Naukri , etc.) and select suitable candidates. Help and numerous counseling services today. Through the interview, you will appreciate the ability of applicants and weed out all but the best. However, a freelancer you do not succeed.You can hardly talk to a freelancer in your office. To do this you will probably have to resort to online interviewing, or e-mails.Not too reliable methods.

Below are several methods of selecting competent and responsible freelancers.


For hiring freelancers there are a number of websites that act as intermediaries between customers and performers: *

Freelance Switch

Effectiveness and efficiency of these web sites are confirmed figures - a huge number of employers of workers find themselves there. To take advantage of their services, just state your requirements. Does your proposal will attract the attention of qualified candidates is not known, maybe you even have a hard, but try to solve your problem with these sites, though, it is worth.

Your ads should be clear and concise. The simplicity and their lack of "water" you will attract the right candidates. Clearly articulate your requirements for applicants, the criteria for their selection and quote your lines of communication, that is enough.

Identify the most suitable applicants will be difficult. You can connect the "tupofiltr," analyzes the main indicators of professional candidates and displays data only to those who "fit".

Request for advice

Request recommendations from former employers and colleagues of the applicant may also be superfluous. The person giving the feedback, it is necessary to inform you of the nature of the proposed work and put forward your requirements to obtain a reliable estimate of the extent to which the candidate. As freelancers, you can ask those with whom you are collaborating, recommend a compiler or editor of texts from among their acquaintances. This recommendation is especially valuable when the representative is given the same profession.

Inspection of material candidates in other people's blogs

You can look at the pages of other blogs and see your previous achievements of candidates in order to assess the quality of their content.

While your blog is not yet fully grown, it is better not threaten to much and do not recruit staff of permanent employees. You need to see what your capable of authors, and the compactness of the resource makes it easier to cope with this task. And in "getting to his feet," and confident in the quality of content produced by your team, you can think about expanding your blog and approval of staffing. Evaluate each of your employees, choose the best and try to sign long term contracts with them.

As you can see, during the formation of the blog is better to work with freelancers. And then, strengthening your position and creating a name for himself in an online environment, you can already begin to set the permanent staff. Apparently, the ones you want to assign the positions of editor and editor in chief, more responsible and raise them to the rank of leadership. So you put the beginning of the current effective commercial blog. Professional bloggers are well worth the cost of them if you do not stand up for the price, because you need a strong team that can solve your problem. But be prepared for the fact that your helpers arrive, taking on the part of the load, here you will add a new burden of responsibility. Even this road will not always, so do not break up over the potholes, interspersed with a comfortable rut.

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