Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tumblr - a functional platform for microblogging

Surely some of you heard about this popular in the West as a blogging platform Tumblr . We Tumblr is not so well known, but may still be radically changed. After all, not just because he deserves sympathy and respect for the English-speaking person?

If I were asked to briefly define what a Tumblr, I would probably say that this is something like an extended Twitter. Tumblr is not limited to 140 characters (or any other), while at the same time, the platform does not have a long, full-posts. This also contributes to poor design and typical Tumblr-blogs.Let's talk more about some features of Tumblr.

On Tumblr has seven types of posts

Usually on most blogging platforms, the post he is fast. In Tumblr post office strife. You can post the text, photo, quote, link, audio, video, or even chat (a fragment of correspondence).

On Tumblr has seven types of posts

This is to some extent simplifies the posting, the other adds a special charm.

Tumblr blogs are a great design

This fact alone is able to attract attention. A great design combined with simplicity. You will not find Tumblr-blogs, with 4 speakers, a complex basement and other complex layout. A typical blog on Tumblr platfome has a clean, neat design and 1-2 Clonks. Ugly blogs "toggle switch" I have not seen.

Tumblr blogs are a great design

In a special section of the site you will find the so-called Theme Garden with hundreds of beautiful and vibrant free templates for Tumblr. Of course, you have the opportunity to create their own completely original theme with HTML editor.

Tumblr blog is very easy to operate

Blogs on the "Toggle" knowingly deserved reputation as one of the easiest to use. This applies to both management and the process of posting. For simplicity and convenience would have to pay insufficient (compared to more advanced platforms like WP) control. The advantages can also be attributed to the advanced posting Email, which supports many formats and publish photos, audio, etc. Traditionally, such systems have a posting from a mobile iPhone and BlackBerry. With the API Tumblr have been developed various services and mobile and desktop applications for it.

External statistics, Feedburner, optimization

Tumblr can be connected to, for example, Google Analytics, which is a significant advantage. The platform is very friendly to search engines. There is integration with the service Feedburner.

In Tumblr quickly register

This advantage is likely you will appreciate just once - in Tumblr, including simple registration process.

In Tumblr quickly register

Rather than comment reblog

By default, disabled comments on Tumblr, but instead have the opportunity to overdrink (reblog) something in itself. At the same time, it is possible to connect an external comment system, for example, Disqus;

Integration with Twitter and FaceBook

In Tumblr is possible to integrate with Twitter. You can configure the automatic posting of new messages in Twitter or FaceBook.

This is only part of the platform Tumblr, which is truly amazing and unique places. You can create collaborative blogs, pages, "About Me" with different settings of the design, add your blog in the mechanism of "question-answer" to load pictures in high definition and shape them into the Picture Gallery, etc. A special web page why tumblr for a more detailed description of all the benefits and features of this platform for microblogging.

So long as our people feel more lonely on Tumblr. At the same time, the platform is fully capable to gain popularity as it once was with Twitter. Although whether users will want to "complicate things", especially now that the new tweeter is also very functional.

Secondly, webmasters will be sad to know that Tumblr is very strict attitude towards the HS. Start a blog on Tumblr for the sake of only one or Crossposting to refer to the MFA-site is almost meaningless - administration regularly clean the series, so heavy on this platform are virtually absent as a class.

In conclusion, I will say that Tumblr - a great platform, but unfortunately, it does not suit everyone. For me, it's something like Apple of blogging platforms. Learn Tumblr is right for you or not is very simple - you just need it to register. Next it will be clear very quickly you will come to each other or not.

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