Friday, May 18, 2012

How to ensure a great start to the new blog

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The fact that you are an experienced and accomplished blogger is no guarantee that your new project will make a splash. In general, the launch of the second and subsequent occupation of blogs difficult and contains a lot of nuances, there are some difficulties such as: time costs, attracting an audience from scratch and promotion etc. According to my observations of minor projects and not very well-known bloggers rarely become hugely popular, but if you start a new blog is well prepared, everything can be different! Let's imagine that could contribute to such a successful start.

Pre-prepared content

The expression «Content is King» never lose relevance. What, would you come up with tricks, the content (especially in the emerging blog) is critical. Here, I would give two pieces of advice - good start for the need not only good content, and very good content. Such a reader would immediately share them with your friends. The second suggestion - to immediately identify the level of the site, very good content needed to prepare a sufficiently large number. In general, the time spent on content can be quite solid, and if it is combined with the initial advance, and his other projects - there is a risk something in time.Therefore, preparation of content before you start a blog - a very important point, which will greatly facilitate the process started.

Viral campaign on Twitter

Social networks are quite popular, especially twitter can be a good source of traffic and new readers.Prepare for an advertising campaign on Twitter - think through the message texts, arrange with your friends and acquaintances that they are actively retweet them, prepare a budget for the purchase of tweets / retweets. You can also think of some competition for followers, for example to play ipod nano or a cash prize.

Encourage the promotion of social networks

When you have good content to promote it in social networks is relatively easy. Sometimes it is enough to ask readers polaykayt, Share or add a new post to your bookmarks. If you make a fantasy, you can get and a good viral effect. Of course, you need to create and begin to actively develop the community and the project page on popular social networks. In general, always add the button social networks and other social widgets on your site - in my experience, "it works".

Ask your friends a link to your new blog

If you have long been blogging (or blogs), you probably have many friends of bloggers who could put on their blogs link to your new project or have a different kind of support. Same as in Twitter, you can invite new articles to read and ask them to comment.

Guest Posts

Guest posts - the springboard by which many, even quite well-known bloggers (at that time started to publish as a guest positions) were able to rise to a new level. For a young blog is generally an ideal way to progress. Where do you even take a high-quality target audience? The only thing is, of course, you will need to be a serious lead over the content - "shove" a copyright or a simple short article, or does not, or will be ineffective. Guest post should attract and interest readers of other blogs that they might want to go to you and find out who did it all written.

Advertising campaign

In the broadest sense of the word - guards, seats in the blogroll, banners and other thematic blogs (incidentally, this is also the promotion and seo). In some cases it may be justified even contextual advertising. The extent depends on your financial capabilities and usefulness. To start frisky, it makes sense to prepare a powerful promotional "kick" to the start of the project. In general, all positions, promotional tweets, articles for publication need to create a guest in advance in order to run the project you are guided through the process.

Bonuses, discounts and gifts to subscribers

There is to offer the visitor a gift or bonus, it will subscribe to the new blog is much more active. That gift can be an e-book, a set of icons, or something else - decide for yourself, most importantly that it was prepared to launch the project and had practical value. Moreover, this information can be spread only via RSS, for example, to different seo blogs, I remember, were published sets of reference for the promotion of trust, which the user can only see after you subscribe. Efficient and clever way, but better still operate openly and publish really high quality stuff - people will be pulled.

Think of the competition

The contest for the blog with a nice prize (and sometimes a symbolic prize but very interesting) - it is perfectly stimulate the growth of the project. If you budget allows, spend a good prize (eg, macbook) or a substantial prize money, and you will see how the blogosphere will begin to appear in a natural way links to your site. You can also participate in the rules must prescribe the installation of the reverse link to a site that is now being actively used by all. Often the competition is even much more profitable than traditional advertising. In organizing the contest and encourage sponsors to stock up - affiliate programs, forums, services can often help you financially if you offer interesting conditions for them.

One of the last great starting point in the blog article 10 Ways to Launch a New Blog with a 'Bang' , which is partly used as an inspiration, advice given to arrange an event or a party in honor of the launch of the project. Rare in runet, but a very interesting way to promote a new blog - throw a party or a presentation and actively sanctify this event. While there may be a more suited for running a large Internet service rather than a blog. However, this is just an example of creative and unusual approach, which is often in such cases is triggered. And what would be ways to start a blog you do you suggest?

PS If you have a network of free time and financial resources that travel will help to open a truly memorable exciting experience that will surprise you and bring a lot of positive emotions.


  1. I'd guest blog, but no one will ask me in. Apparently, I never wipe my shoes.

  2. Very informative article. I tend to break all the rules. But that's me.


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