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Skin Care Tips:

Skin Care Tips:

Women are crazy to spend a lot on their skin but what? They face a lot of problems after they have any skin beauty treatment. Simple Skin care tips can give them great benefits. Skin facials and skin polish is sought for having great skin glow but sometimes it brings many side effects along. You can save your skin from these

Skin care tips.fects by applying some simple 
 Many ladies face a problem of redness on their face after having facial. This redness is due to the fast and extraordinary circulation of the blood in that area which makes the redness to appear. Often this is on the cheeks, chin and somehow on the neck. This problem is because of the hard massage of creams. Remember that the massage must be done with the soft finger tips and you must avoid unnecessary rubbing. Another reason of redness can be the hard peeling of mask you have applied. This type of treatment must not be done with your skin. Skin care is a sensitive issue and you must never forget that skin plays very important role in looking you fresh and healthy.
Use a soft hand when the mask is to peel off. Do not prick your skin after you have facial even if you feel a need to do it.
Another reported problem is of the burning sensation which brings you to feel heat coming out from the cheeks and you feel as the skin burns are there. This is a result of the fast flow of circulation of blood and there is nothing to be worried to it as it is easy to get rid of. Take an ice cube and have a light pressing of it on the places where you feel this burning problem. This can be carried on the whole face to bring the instant relief.
There are some activities that you must avoid to perform after having a facial or your skin will face a severe damage. You must not go near fire after 5-6 hours. Any type of cooking or other things which involve you going near to fire, you must postpone them.
Do not use soaps immediately or you can have the skin burns. If you want to wash your face, use simple and plain water or any other face wash.
Avoid dust as your facial has cleansed your skin pores having all the dirty and the filthy materials and after facial these pores are open and can receive the maximum amount of these dust particles.
If you have another problem and are not gone by applying all these remedies, consult a skin specialist without wasting a minute.

Nail Care Tips:
Nails make an important part of your personality but unfortunately these are the most neglected one. Often people focus their figure, face, hands and feet but forget nails. You must remember that nails can be your recognition if these are good enough to be remembered. Nails care tips can give you such solutions which you can apply to restore your nails health. Before you apply any of the remedies to your nails, this is important to know what the reason for your nail spoil is. Often people ignore intake issues and focus applying ingredients to nails without realizing that their nails need something else.
Too much removing or varnish usage can also destroy your nails. Do not apply excessive varnish colors and always use those colors which are recommended by your beautician. Varnish must be chosen made by some registered companies. Do not choose such a varnish which is not made by registered company and can give some allergic effects on the surface of your nails.
For getting good nail health, this is important to know that your intake is good enough. It must have proper iron on regular bases because iron does wonders for your nails. Iron makes your nails strong and repairs the breakage. You can have balance diet chart if you are unaware of natural things which can give you nail ointment. Any beautician or nutritionist can do this do for you. Proteins are second constituent which are much significant in nails health. Protein adds shine to nails and enhances their glow.
Keep your nails tidy and clean, cut them regularly. Some people think that nails do not need regular cutting. They perhaps don’t know that regular cutting is much essential not only for your nails but also for your health. Do not buy used materials for applying on your nails like nail remover tissue and others. Used nail cutter can also transfer germs to your nails and these can lose their natural glow. For making your nails shiny, you must use onion. Apply onion from the tip till end of your nail. Onion has natural capacity of polishing your nails.
If you are crazy about nail colors and can’t survive without these, you must use them with precautions. Do not apply one after the other without removing previous one. Your nails need a break to be free from all varnishes to maintain their natural shine. You can apply mild nail shiner if your nails are rough. One thing to remember is that you must need a time of at least twenty four hours after removing your varnish and applying another one. These simple tips will surely restore your nail health.

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