Sunday, March 11, 2012

Have a Home Facial

Have a Home Facial

Whenever there is presence of female folk, the biggest expense is on beauty and related things. As per survey, beauty expenses are the biggest in female territory. Women like to spend a lot at beauty salons and still remain unsatisfied; this article of mine is aimed at bringing cheap methods of getting great freshness and the best results like one can get at some top class parlor. Do not forget one thing that what you apply to your face is not important but important is how you apply these things to your face.
Many women regret that they do not get desired results even spending a lot on their facials by acquiring expert’s services, let me reveal this to them that you are the best one to treat your skin, as much as you know about your face and its sensitivity, nobody does, so try to be your own beautician and bring wonder to your face. Undoubtedly, face facial is important in making your face polished; face facials are among the most expensive categories, now have your facial at home.
The best of this article is to bring the beauty tips and the tricks which you can apply at your home. This article will provide you the easy way to perform a beauty facial at home. For this you do not need any beautician or the expert giving his high cost services. You can be your own beautician. For performing this, you simply need to have the performance based on the below steps and strategy.
These are the things that you need to have for doing your facial.
  • Cleansing milk or simple milk.
  • Good massage cream or any Multivitamin cream
  • A mud mask
  • A face wash
First of all bring your body in very relaxing policy. Take out heavy breaths for getting good amount of air in. close your eyes for a while to feel free. Imagine that you have no worry and no tension at all; this will bring the best results to you.
Now sit on a relaxing chair with no itching neck at the back. Use some amount of the cleansing milk and smear it on the face gently. Use the tips of the fingers and rub it starting from the cheeks. Remember the directions of performing the facial as these are very important in producing the marvelous results. The massage should be using the finger tips using anti clock wise directions. Do not rub too harsh or too much as these can leave the rash or the red signs on your face. After having three rounds of the massage on your cheeks, perform the same on the forehead. Start massaging right from the middle and take it to the corner. Press a little bit at the end on both corners. This will bring a great relief to you.
Now come towards the nose. Nose plays very important and defining role in the sharpening your beauty and gives shape to your features if a good care is taken off. Rub the tip of your nose bit hard for softening the black heads which make your nose ugly. Rub the nose from the tips of your fingers and take the direction to upwards.
After getting free from the nose job, head to upper lips. Make a scissor of your fingers and rub it well on the upper lips in opposite direction. Chin and neck massage can be done together. Once you have done all that with the cleansing milk, apply multivitamin cream with the same steps. Make sure that cream seeps through the open pores. Once you complete your massage, give steam to your skin, this steam provides a way to dust to come out of your skin.
After massage, your skin pores are open and a good amount of steam helps to sweep all the dust present inside. It’s better if you use towel around your face and neck. Steam duration should be between 3-5 minutes. This time depends upon the sensitivity of your skin. If your skin is sensitive and gets rash, take it for 3 minutes and if you can bear it for five minutes, go for it.
After getting a satisfied steam; use mud mask or any other mask and apply it upon your face. On getting it dry; wash your face using a good face wash. Here! Your facial is complete.

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