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How to Get Rid of Pimples; Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Pimples; Home Remedies

Nothing is as old as mankind yet acne seems. When following anthropology, you will come to know that skin diseases kept haunting human beings in every era, in every age and in every civilization. Starting from Stone Age, going to Greek Mythology and visiting Indus Valley civilization through the pages of history, you will find that this has been something present everywhere. When it comes to skin diseases, Acne constitutes major part of it. Though there is no age limit in the patients of acne, yet young generation is relatively more vulnerable to this disease.

It is revealed through medical research that blood hormones secretion maintains the skin freshness and complexion. If there is some disturbance in the distribution or production of these hormones, you can suffer from any type of skin problem including acne. Body fats and extra accumulation of wastage in the blood can also lead to some severe acne problem. Therefore, this is important to have awareness that there is no excess of fats intake in your daily diet. To your wonder how you can control your body fats production, the answer is simple, and through your intake you can regulate your blood hormonal system.

Acne problem is increasing day by day. Pimples are very common of acne problem. By the way, many of us may not know what are these pimples in fact? Pimple is a small hard inflamed spot on the skin. It kills the beauty of the skin. Especially oily skin is mostly victimized and suffers this problem. Dirt and pollution are major sources which can populate your skin with enormous pimples. You should take care of your skin especially of face so that pimples don’t appear on it; there are numbers of methods to get rid of pimples after they appear.

You should wash your face at least twice in a day and should use a cleanser for it. If you suffer with pimples, you should always use a cleanser with the proposal of dermatologist. Avoid using any medicated cream or lotion by yourself or somebody’s suggestion. It may more complicate the condition of pimples. Take healthy diet and avoid eating the oily or junk food. Drink eight or ten glass of water daily.
Many home treatments are available to remedy the pimples. Home treatments are found very beneficial for this problem. It is quite possible that you may remedy completely from pimples after using them. The use of aloe Vera, Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Epson Salt, Lemon And Orange Peel, Honey, Green Tea, are commonly used in home treatment for pimples’ remedy. Few of the usages are below:

1- Add three teaspoon honey in one teaspoon cinnamon powder. Apply this mixture all over the face at night.

You will see miraculous results after two weeks.

2- Make facial mask at home by using grated apple and honey and apply it on your face. It is also found one of the best treatments for pimples.

3- Rubbing garlic on to the infected part of the face is another beneficial home treatment.

4- Regularly apply the Cucumber pulp and tomato pulp on the face. These are very effective and help to get rid of pimples.

5- Add some water and turmeric in the crushed Margo’s (neem) leaves. Use this mixture on to all over the face and leave it for two hours.

6- Make the mixture by taking the same quantity of basin and rice powder. Add some water in this mixture and apply it on the face. It is the best scrub for acne skin.

7- Oil of tree leaves and aloe Vera jell is an effective home treatment. It harms the oily cells of your face.

8- Strawberry is the best fruit which is mostly used in acne’s treatment products. You can make it a part of your diet to get rid of pimples.

9- Before applying the face wash, if you add some baking soda and apply this mixture on your face. After some days, all pimples on your face will disappear.

The above home treatments are commonly used to get rid of pimples, but these are not for all types of skin. However, you can find good results after using any of the mentioned treatment. You can’t get rid of pimples over night so have patience and compete your life challenges with shiny smile.

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