Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mac Design Conference

mportant Concerns About Website Design Mistakes

If you want to become involved with web design, then the mistakes that are

often made means you have to be committed to your education. Whether you are

designing or hiring a designer, you cannot proceed along a blind path as that

will only cause problems. Are you really aware of this subject, and if not are

you willing to learn about it? We will share a few issues with design so you can

have a better understanding of what is at play.
Whenever traffic hits your site, it should not take hardly any time at all to

realize why the site exists. If you have been online much, then you have landed

on sites that just seemed a bit scattered. If you leave your visitor confused

then it won’t take him long to leave your site and go somewhere else. Another

very important concern is for your text – no long paragraphs of text that just

run on down the page. The simple fact of the matter is that nobody will take the

time to try to wade through anything that strains their eyes or their brains.

Copywriters have known about the effective use of white space for decades, and

that is why you need to adopt the same strategy. Also, when it comes to fonts,

make them the standard fonts that are easy to read. This is about design and

usability concepts that are critical to the success of your site.
Music accompaniment on your site, of course depending on the niche, is almost

always a bad idea. Music is so passe, and people just do not like it – and we

are among them, too. If you have any kind of audio, then always give the visitor

the controls so they can listen or not. There are some sites with audio from the

site owner or webmaster, but they usually just put a button that the user to can

or ignore. The worst is to make your little intro speech start playing on its

own, or to remove the control functions. So do weigh everything out before you

place it on your site, and think of how it can affect your visitors.
It doesn’t matter what your favorite color is, you need to seriously focus on

the color scheme of your site as per the view of your target audience. Choose

the colors that go well with each other, and then match the colors with the mood

you want to evoke. This is not a difficult issue to fix, but it does require you

to give it some thought, though. As always, you do need to remove your feelings

if you are not a part of that audience or market. Things like proper color are

all collectively the things you have to address properly. Always continue taking

action to become knowledgeable about website/blog design and usability best


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