Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Minor Issues fixed on flashmo 160 and

Consultant Template

It is just fixed up a glitching issue in Adobe Flash CS4. Just added flashmo_photo_group1.gotoAndStop( page ); at the last frame (frame no. 60) of “actions” layer on the main time line. Now it works smoothly in both CS3 and CS4.

Black and White Template

It is fixed “stopping” issue in Flash CS4. Now it works correctly on both CS3 and CS4. Below two lines were changed on the “actions” layer of the main time line.
frame no. 15, gotoAndStop(“box in”); changed to gotoAndPlay(“box in”);
frame no. 21, gotoAndStop(“page”); changed to gotoAndPlay(“page”);

You may download the source files again. Thanks to Alex Harris for reporting these issues. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any issue with flash templates. Thank you.

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