Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How To Edit Accordion Template

How To Edit Accordion Template

This tutorial shows you how to modify the contents of Accordion Template.
1. Download the flash source file from website.
2. Unzip the .ZIP file into a folder and open up flashmo_214_accordion.fla Flash document. All contents for page 1 to 5 can be edited from the external XML files (flashmo_197_page_1.xml to flashmo_197_page_5.xml) using any text editor (e.g. Notepad or Dreamweaver).

3. Edit the site title and slogan on the header layer of the main timeline.

4. Edit the text for your own copyright information on the footer layer.

5. Double click on all pages movie clip inside 1. layout folder in the library.

6. Edit the vertical text fields on all different frames of button labels layer.

7. Edit the contact information at the last frame of pages layer. There are two text fields and contact form on the stage.

8. Pur your email address on the line number 10 inside send_email.php file. Make sure your web server supports PHP and PHP mail function. If it is not supported, contact form will not work.

Feel free to write down a comment if you have any further question about this template.

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