Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fuel your Flash using Components

Fuel your Flash using Components

Whether you are a web designer/developer, beginning or successful enterprise or maybe looking for rich Internet applications to pimp your web page or to save some of your precious time, offers you components that suit all your needs such as galleries and slideshows, menus and navigation systems, user interface components, design and effects resources all created by authors from all the corners of the World.
You can find an amazing variety of quality Flash components and great technical support. Very handy are the components categories organized in such a way that you can easily find among them the very specific components you might be looking for.
You can find free products and special offers including files or packs with huge discounts. All prices vary from $1 to $299.
fc 1 If you are in need of a highly customizable XML driven banner rotator, don`t hesitate to download it for free. You can also use it as a slideshow, it loads images (.jpg, .png, .gif) and Flash files (.swf), it has 18 settings in the XML file. See how it works like here.
A free fully customizable preloader component for Flash CS3, built in ActionScript 3 can save you plenty of time. With around 20 parameters to set, you can customize:

- Spinning or Manual content mode

- Source

- Color

- Blur level

- Number of shapes

- Initial Alpha

- Shapes size

- Text color

- Font. Support embedded fonts.

- Show percentage progress and or other text

- Speed

- Direction

- Transition type
fc 2
fc 3 All the AS 3.0 files of FlashTuning, one of the top authors on FC, have a super price of only $29 USD . The current estimated value of the pack is around $200 but FlashTuning is still adding products to this package as soon as they are developed, thus increasing the value constantly.
fc 4 it is easy to navigate and well organized, you’ll definitely find your way around. You`ll find there a community with more than 40,000 users, more than 200 authors and around 1700 products, including unique files;

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