Sunday, March 4, 2012

Funny Logos

Funny Logos
We’ll take your ideas, add some of our creative juices and create a funny design that will get you noticed. Don’t get lost in the crowd, stand out with something everyone will remember. From pencil sketch to final vector image we’ll pull out our funny bone and conjure up a quality design you’ll be happy to own and display.
The logos below contain funny animals and people. We can also create funny objects, lettering and gadgets. Enjoy the designs.
Crazy Logo
A crazy naked jungle bum logo! A real swinger!
Funny Bird Logo
One cool motorcycle ridin’ bird with helmet and goggles.
Funny Naked Logo
Bare naked diving? You bet! A naked as a jay bird scuba diving dude.
Funny Chicken Logo
These three funny cluckers make this a really humorous logo.
Goofy Zebra Logo
We love creating fun animals in wacky poses.
Funny Monkey Logo

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