Monday, March 12, 2012

How To Redirect Your URLs By Using META Tags

How To Redirect Your URLs By Using META Tags

here are many occasions when you might wish to display your URL in the form yourdomain/display.html but would like, instead, to direct visitors to another URL, say some-other-domain/best-mouse-trap.html.

For example, you could be promoting an affiliate program with URL your-merchant-URL/sales-page/your-affiliate-code, and you think that the URL is too long, or you want to hide the fact that it is an affiliate link, or you might want to prevent people from stealing your affiliate commission, you could use this technique. You could even check how many people have clicked on your affiliate link, through checking the number of clicks of the displayed URL before it is redirected, from your Web site log.

Here is another example. If you are using a tracking software, or a tracking company, to track your advertisement, usually, the tracking URL will be in the form of your-tracking-URL/…/tracking-?blah-blah or tracking-company-URL/…/tracking-?blah-blah. You want to use your own domain name or you don’t want others know that you are tracking the ad. You can use the URL your-URL/your-sales-description which redirects visitors to the tracking URL.

Knowledge of technique of redirecting URLs will give you a lot of, amongst other benefits, flexibility. Here is how to do it with META tags…

Create the page, “display.html,” with the following META tag in between the HEAD and /HEAD tags in the HTML codes…

META http-equiv = “refresh” content = “0; URL = some-other-URL/best-mouse-trap.html” without any other content (if you wish, you could include the title “World’s Best Mouse Trap” in between the TITLE and /TITLE tags, to show that this page is about mouse traps).

Upload the page “display.html” to the root directory of your Web site. With that, when visitors click on the link of your-URL/display.html, they will be redirected to some-other-URL/best-mouse-trap.html.

Please note that for the URL some-other-URL/best-mouse-trap.html in the above META tag, and other URLs through out the rest of the article, you should include the “http” protocol which has been omitted.

The following variation of the above method can give you a neater way of displaying your URL, namely, without using the “.html” extension in your displayed URL…

First create a sub-directory, say “best-mouse-trap” in the root directory at your Web site. Instead of naming the Web page created above as display.html, name it as index.html.
Upload this “index.html” file into the sub-directory “best-mouse-trap”. And then, when your visitors click on the URL your-URL/best-mouse-trap they will be redirected to some-other-URL/best-mouse-trap.html.

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