Sunday, March 4, 2012

15 Funny Cartoon Logos

15 Funny Cartoon Logos

I pulled out 15 funny cartoon logos from my older portfolio. If you are in need of something fun that works well as a logo and also a design to be used on marketing please contact me. I'd love to discuss your business logo with you.

Enjoy this crazy collection of designs it includes dogs, pelicans, umpires, reindeer, sandwiches, a hockey player, turtle and ape.
Please enjoy!

Dog logo

1) Laughing Dog Cafe Design

A fun loving dog reading a book in a coffee mug. With an umbrella! I really enjoyed creating this design and wanted to create a laughing dog that everyone could fall in love with.

Pelican logo

2) Neon Pelican Logo

This cartoon logo was a bit of a challenge but I think I tackled it and am happy with the outcome. The pelican and circle needed to look neon so I used anOuter Glow effect from Adobe Illustrator to accomplish the task.

Referee logo

3) Overtime Sports Bar Logo

He's not only an umpire but he's a chef and bartender as well. A simple cartoon design but a very likeable character.

Adventure logo

4) Q.U.E.S.T. Cartoon Logo Design

It may be difficult to see all of the detail in this design but consists of one dirty adventurer and one a bit cleaner. I loved creating the short VW Van.

Sandwich logo

5) Scrumdingers Logo

One of the funnier business names I've worked with. I was asked to create a sandwich character and this was my creation.

cartoon deer logo

6) Dave's Outdoor Cartoon Logo

I got to let loose on this design. I created a wild and wacky four wheeler with an even crazier riding it toting a chain saw. A really fun design.

cartoon animal logo

7) The Dock Box Logo

I created a fun lunch box and seagull for this restaurant design. Rather than creating an entire dock I simply used the tops of the pier poles.

Cartoon Hockey logo

8) Hockey Club Design

I was asked to create a rough and tumble, beer drinking hockey player. I added some fun little details like the lost tooth, toe sticking out of skate, nicked hockey stick and band-aids.

Cartoon Dogs

9) Moose n' Eddies Pub & Grill

Two really cool cats. Well, not cats as much as beatnik dogs. One of my earlier logo designs.

Childrens logo

10) Storybook Safari Logo

A boy and his book. This great cartoon logo includes a safari kid and a few safari animals.

Kids logo

11) Tiny Texans DayCare Cartoon Design

All Texans love their cowboys. This client wanted to incorporate the kids with some Cowboy football. I enjoyed decking the characters out as a football player and cheerleader.

Restaurant logo

12) Tijuana Taxi Co. Logo

I loved creating this cowboy cactus character for a taxi company that used VW Bugs. Unfortunately the project was abandoned but the cactus is now available at Life's A Character.

turtle logo

13) Funny Turtle Character

This easy going turtle was created for a client that wanted a rocking turtle with a hint of country auto racing.

Cartoon gorilla logo

14) King Rental Ape Character Logo

This client requested a King Kong type of character for their home rental company. Let me create a funny character for you.

Pig and chicken logo


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