Sunday, March 11, 2012

Social problems in the game skyscraper

Social problems in the game skyscraper

Zynga is still a large potential in the mobile social gaming, which is one of the last steps Heights Dream then for iPhone released . Facebook and social elements in connection with the game, raise your dreams with the help of friends, makes high-rise building. Dream series, which is the third game in the next PetHouse'dan Dream Dream Dream Heights Zoo and yet also was the target of some criticism before they are marketed.

Tiny Tower skyscraper's mobile game maker accused of plagiarizing their own plays by Niblebit Zynga'dan was quick to respond. Zynga, the game is to build a new skyscraper, whether it is a kind of emerged in the 1990s, this genre is their actions that add social elements, he said. But this explanation was not enough to put an end to the debate ...

Indeed, the skyscraper games, to invent new types of games, which is one of the most important companies on the market in late 1994 issued by Maxis Sim Tower started with. He is very popular in a short time period after which a lot like Sim Tower was also performed. But none of them did not have today's sense of social elements.

In this sense, Zynga's game really opens up Sim Tower skyscraper, with games in a different location. On the other hand Nimblebit'ten Ian Marsh, Dream Zynga claims that there is great similarity Heights'─▒nda Tiny Tower's social elements.

Another copy of a game is going to decide whether or not going through a period of more challenging. The influence of the social elements to games and it is very easy to enhance with new features make it very difficult to draw boundaries. Therefore, copies of this game is not really possible to give a clear decision about whether or not. But there is one thing that is certain to this discussion and Tiny Tower skyscraper, as well as a contribution to Dream Heights is to be heard by wider circles ...

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