Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Publish your Articals

 How to Publish your Articals

The challenge facing the medical graduates in the coming years should be met with appropriate changes in the learning process. Better learning is achieved through performance to strengthen the different skills of students.

As Epidemiology and research go hand in hand, and valid epidemiological data is derived from sound research methods, so acquiring research skills is fundamental. This will be through practicing the various steps of scientific research.

We also aim at improving your presentation skills and team working capabilities. Simulation of real problems in the community; as changing trends in diseases; allows students to use their intellectual skills in problem analysis, and their creativity in proposing solutions to the given health problem. Various problems will be set for your practice.

The field visits will be a link with what you learn in community medicine to prepare you to the practical life. Your appraisal of field visits is very important as a feedback for re-evaluation and planning

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