Friday, June 1, 2012

How to make old content work blog

If you blog for many months or even years, then you probably paid attention to what visitors are paying precious attention first of all the new content, archival paper is often mired with nothing to do (if they are, of course, is not search engine traffic) . The fact that a new cause of greater interest than the old one, this is true.However, the archive is an excellent publication may be (and sometimes even a "priceless gem"), unjustly deprived attention. Today I want to offer you some simple ways to "reanimation" of the old content.

Context of the link. most obvious way to acquaint readers with the old content - regularly refer to the archived articles from new. If a new article came out successful and popular, it can literally breathe new life into an old publication. Even if such an ambitious goal was not achieved, the benefits of this, you will receive, in any case (at least on internal linking ). It often happens that a new article on the test turns out to mention some other so that once again the same thing in the text does not speak, but who wants to read the details will be held at the link.

Posts by topic (Related Posts). addition of manual contextual links which you can arrange for new articles, nice to have the widget "posts on the subject» (Related Posts), which is in the automatic mode will display a list of articles on the subject after publication. You can use different plug-ins, the most popular ones Simple Tags, although the latest versions of wordpress it is not so widely used.

Popular posts. even if you wrote a post, he will sooner or later, get lost in the archives. A good way to keep these posts in mind - the widget popular posts, which can be placed in the sidebar. Some bloggers, by the way, especially selected publications release, which may be the most useful and attract new readers. Most popular posts - it's something automate the process, although the sample by hand is more efficient.

Tags and categories. Good site structure and advanced tag always increases the number of hits, so if the tags have a prominent place in your publication, on the sidebar (and other places on your site), you will only win. We can say that this is an additional element of navigation based on the blog.

Advanced Search. If you get creative (and if there is a technical possibility), then we can say, to supplement the results of search on the blog or your site a list of recommended items or something like that. Although, in principle, and without this help site visitors to search to find the necessary article of bins.

Add a widget "Archive." How can you seriously expect that someone will study your file, if the blog is not even an appropriate widget? So if you're hoping to reverse, this widget must be. Of course, not all visitors will actively use them, but believe me, there will always be those who are happy to look. In addition, the archive, tend to add credibility blog - say the author is a project for a long time, and fumbles in all this.

Section "of the blog." To specify a new user on some key publications, can be placed in a conspicuous place a widget which will be briefly tell newcomers about the blog (or specific headings / sections) and contain the necessary links. If you place the information in the sidebar, then of course there will not write much, but on a separate page reference section will be very helpful.

Collections. One more good way to "get" the publication of the non-existence - collections, which can from time to time (eg once a month) to do. Earlier in the blog posts were popular with the summing up of the last month or assembly. By the way, is sometimes seen in blogs collections on the old blog posts that can fill in emerged a break in the schedule of publications.

Other publications of the author. If you are a blog several authors, after each publication will be no more than a block containing information about the author and links to the best of his article. There will be small again, useful site in general.

Basically, as you can see, among boards is no big deal, many are implemented in general is quite simple. It may seem that they are not particularly effective, but it is not - a little bit, putting into practice these tips will get a positive result.

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