Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free set of icons from the iconcubic

Who does not love free icons? Probably the only one who has nothing to do with web design (or design at all). hardly belong among the indifferent, so you may well be useful sets of icons from the iconcubic . Company website iconcubic modest, at least the information, but there is one interesting detail - sets of free icons.

In total there are 8 files that you can use for your desktop or personal projects. For commercial application developers are asked to put their knowledge. Complete sets of icons is very specific, but may come in handy. For example, like these cute "cubes" (it is a pity that they are not enough). In Free set of icons from the iconcubic

addition, the extended set of icons for Mac:
Or this one set that can be used on sites / blogs related to photography, or photoblog (there you will find 6 icons):
Free set of icons from the iconcubic
There are more radical "stories." How do you, for example, one hell of a set? - "SovMAS", "model of the globe of the USSR" and "brutal folder." The set is called soviet, contains as many as 36 different icons.

Free set of icons from the iconcubic

Or developing the theme "vinyl aytyunse", "call to defend a city from Lenin" and "terrible weapons director ready to bring down the full force of military equipment":

Free set of icons from the iconcubic

Designers clearly nostalgic, this set is a kind of patch to the previous one, contains only 4 icons. These two latter sets can hardly be widely used, but if you're looking for something like that, they will be a godsend!

Also, there are icons of the exotics on national grounds (the developers seem to Asians):
Free set of icons from the iconcubic
The site iconcubic you will find a few more sets. Presented in a post offer complete downloaded here ( mirror). For some thematic sets of icons, it is possible to download them in various formats (Mac, PNG, Win), for others - can be accessed by only one of the options. By the way, except the free sets, are present in the project and pay packages of icons (surprisingly very simple and unpretentious.) It is also possible to order to develop a totally unique package. The total number of sets represented by icons not so great, but they are interesting and original, must see.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this link I think they have some really fabulous 3D icons. I love it when they are free too.



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