Thursday, March 1, 2012

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How to Outsource Your Graphic Design the Correct Way

Being able to get the best graphics designed for your website by a graphic

designer is all about knowing how to both outsource the work and knowing enough

about the designer. There are many choices when you have to choose your graphics

designer and handle the little things leading up to time that your work is

outsourced. In this article we will go over three main points that are helpful

for making the most from your graphic outsourcing endeavors.
Pay for Time or Per Assignment: When you employ an outside pro to work on

your graphic designs, you have two methods of making payments. The first is “per

hour” rate of the designer. The second form of payment is to pay per project.

Payment will ultimately be based upon your personal preference. This decision

will be based upon what is needed for the job and the time that you have for

that job. Either of these methods are effective. However, going for a “per

project” model may be more comfortable for you because you pay the designer

regardless of the time spent on the project to get it done. An effective way to

make your selection is to calculate the total cost of the job before making a

final choice of payment. If you want to employ a worker for a long time, then it

would be smarter to hire them based upon a per hour rate.
What will it be Vector or Bitmap?: This may not seem like a crucial aspect.

But, it is a huge aspect when it comes to which graphic is needed. In simple

words, vector graphics can be resized to any size you want without losing the

quality of the image. But this particular kind of graphic is not cheap. So, you

probably have to check with your budget before deciding on which one you want.

But then again, Bitmap graphics inexpensive. But, you will not get the same

original quality if it is resized. So your decision will rely on the qualities

that are more important to you.
Showing Formats and Fonts: What are the formats that you are looking out to

get your graphics delivered in? Will you decide to show them in PNG, JPEG, GIF,

PSD or in another fashion altogether. Do not forget that different formats will

display in another way. So if you cannot make a valid decision, then ask your

designer for recommendations. Remember that if you own high quality graphics

such as vector, then it is recommended that you get Adobe Illustrator files.

This is so that you will have the room to make changes later. If your outsourced

project has text in the graphics, make sure that you ask the designer to hand

over the fonts that were used on that project. This is so that you will have the

ability to make adjustments in the future. These things may look trivial but

they do matter in the long run.
Do not forget that when you outsource your graphic designs to another

professional, this is a very important decision making element of your business.

So, when you use other professionals to do the job, make sure you get the right


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