Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jaguar Logo Design Article

Jaguar Logo Design Article
Siobhan and Ash took a trip to the Jaguar factory in Castle Bromwich to record sound for Trainer. 

The site in Castle Bromwich is of the few automobile manufacturing companies within the United Kingdom, and they were blessed to be able to see the site whilst recording there. Jaguar generate up to 700 cars a week from this area, and at the moment they are working on their new model, The New XJ...exciting!! 

After using all transport available to man, bar an airplane, Ash and Siobhan made it to the site receiving a warm and friendly welcome from everyone there. They got a health and safety talk, ensuring they were aware of the passage ways available for us to walk on whilst in the factory spaces. They were then kited up with safety goggles and high visibility jackets and taken to the area where the shell bodies of the cars are put together and secured. Here they were allowed to record any sound they thought would be useful for us.

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