Saturday, March 3, 2012

How Video Games Can Help Web Designers’ Creations

How Video Games Can Help Web Designers’ Creations

How Video Games Can Help Web Designers’ Creations

Believe it or not video games can help web designers create a more effective website, as nowadays, they are becoming very similar to many of the website interfaces and vice versa websites are starting to have the same characteristics as certain game platforms.
Take the examples of those websites that provide answers and add credibility points if you win by providing an answer to the questions users have proposed. This system works to drive users to these websites, as it plays on the psychology people have to succeed and compete with others, thus encouraging interaction and driving traffic to that particular website.

Video game interfaces often come with a very intuitive and user-friendly structured layout, which is what a website should have in the first place. These video games can handle many frequent and repetitive actions in the least possible clicks. They also have the advantage of being engaging and attractive to the eye, thus popular with users. A well defined video game aims at an enhanced user-experience, and provides information without breaking the line of thought and fantasy. All distraction while the game is in process will naturally result in a failure of the game’s purpose.
If you think about it this is exactly what a website should provide, content and information that is easy to access, understand as well as being engaging and interesting. Users do not want to pass their time having to scroll and click incessantly; this is why web designers can learn a lot by studying the interaction video games provide and the ease in navigation.

A web designer can learn other useful options when studying video games, which do not simply relate to the user interface. The psychological aspect is also fundamental as it works on the sense of achievement a website can provide its users with.
When creating a website by studying the video game interfaces you need to keep in mind what objectives your client has, as you will most likely be set on different goals as opposed to video game websites. One of the most important priorities in websites is efficiency rather than entertainment; however, this does not mean that it cannot be interactive, so it is important to determine which UI components are relevant to your particular project.

You will also have to consider the method and structure of a website, as for example the way your menus are structured and how you can fit them in the layout to enhance usability. In video game interfaces you often have a hug and spoke structure that leads users to various sets of tools within the menu. You make your choice according to what you need for the game, providing users with a simple structure that offers a specific set of options to choose from. This type of menu offers a straightforward browsing method that avoids any confusion as it allows users to focus on one choice at a time.
If you provide your readers with one piece of information or task each time, this will definitely provide a better user experience and will increase your conversion rate and add to your clients’ customer portfolio.

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