Sunday, March 11, 2012

Facebook IPO confirmed, as the gossip Twitter

Facebook IPO confirmed, as the gossip Twitter

Twitter 's investors Bill Gurley ( Benchmark Capital ) platform, focused on advertising instead of the stock market, he says. The company's CEO, Dick Costolo leaves unanswered questions about the stock market. In short, Twitter does not even say the word stock.

This denial and silence Facebook 'actually reminds me of u. Facebook going public before the decision, leaving unanswered questions, or to go public in the stock market did not think it was saying.

Facebook to open to the public regulatory agency that the application made ​​. Gossip came sırasıysa Twitter.

Twitter, the idea of this matter would be more advantageous than other social networks usually dominate. Because the front LinkedIn , Groupon , Zynga and Facebook as examples of the most important will be, at least the link between output and money collected in rates will have a chance to review more healthy.

Analysts considering these examples, 'Twitter, open to the public when the question' probably 2013 'gives the answer. Twitter's public offering on the transition process Ötee ağırlaştırması and also those of 2013. Because LinkedIn, Groupon, and Zynga is disappointed that companies can say that the stock market. Facebook and Twitter, this process probably does not come as any öteleyecektir IPO date.

Twitters to follow the news about the process of going public, even opened a micro blog. Investors site even when rumors began to follow. There are comments collected in the year 2013 stands out.

Was estimated that 8 billion worth of Twitter's value in 2011. Analister, approximately 10 per cent stake in the company believes will open to the public for now. Everything goes well in 2013 when a successful sale is made, the 800 million people may arrive at the value of the stock market over the value of Twitter in 2011 between the other estimates.

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