Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5 Free Web Designers Resources You Must Know

5 Free Web Designers Resources You Must Know

Over the last few months me and my designer-developer buddies have been sharing our favourite web design tools, tricks and tips.
Our final conclusion was that it’s very exciting to be a designer these days. The web is quite gushing with many cute designing apps and tools.
Below you will find our current Top 5 Free Web Design Tools. Some are new, some are golden oldies, but all of them are tools we can’t live without! And what’s more, they’re useful no matter what stage of web design you’re at.
Feel free to share your own must-have tools of the trade in the comments below.
1. Create Your Own Free Websites, MySpace Layouts and More
We reckon one of the best new tools around for creating flash websites, MySpace layouts & widgets. Flash design used to be a pain in the butt but with Wix you get a tool that’s simple to use, cuts our development time, requires no coding, offers fully customisable flash templates (useful for small client projects), is easy to update … and is free. We’re loving it! Free Website
2. FireFox Web Developer Extension Toolbar
Created by Chris Pederick, the web developer extension for your Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the best free tools out there. Seriously. It’s simple to install, and is especially useful with the debugging aspects of web design.
Chris Pederick
3. Colour Lovers & Kuler: Colour Choice Made Easy
Ok, so this is two free tools for the price of one. We all use both these sites to save time and get inspiration when choosing just the right colour palette for our sites and designs. And we love them both.

Adobe Kuler
4. Theme
We know it’s been around for ages but if you are a blogger, or want to create a cool flexible & free blog, Wordpress is still by far the best place to go. But the part we’re loving most at the moment is the theme viewer section. We’re using it to get inspiration for simple, clean website designs. And also for what to avoid!
5. Browser Shots: Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test
A free open-source online service, Browser Shots saves you time by testing out your designs in various browsers in one place. You simply submit your web address and it makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers.

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